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  1. Eve Dee

    May God ease their pain.😢😢😣😣

  2. Josphat G.

    God have mercy…

  3. Njuguna Ndungu

    We can't subsidise cancer treatment yet we can afford Ksh 10B for BBI. Shame on government!! A hyena feeding on its cubs.

  4. Sarah Jepkemei

    The heroes you were continue resting family

  5. Gabriel Kimani

    very…very painful…. Lord have mercy

  6. winnie kerasi

    Have never watched such a painful video… having had to take care of sick relatives and later lose them…have felt this… God help

  7. Marto Mcioca

    God heal Our Country and our people, It feels so sad to watch these stories

  8. Jemimah Mwashighadi

    The government should do something about this. This is too painful to watch honestly.😥😥😥

  9. Jemimah Mwashighadi


  10. Euprecious Wamboy

    Lord have mercy. Stretch your healing hand upon all the sick in our country 🙏

  11. alex mayore

    Big shout out to those husbands who choose not to walk away from their wives or give up on their sick wives. so what is universal healthcare? UHC doing to help Kenyans why cant government make cancer screening mandatory? LIKE HOW THEY MAKE IT MADENTORY FOR US TO GET HUDUMA NUMBER ?

  12. Virginia Nganga

    Sad 😢

  13. George Kagiri

    I will never complain to Lord. Good Health, Home, n Food is enough blessing

  14. nani mkenya

    aki wale watu wamakura mmetuacha tukifa woyee maskini, serkali inachilia watu kufa jameni. hawa wamadawa jameni serikali iwajili wapiane madawa free. for sure government should have build hospital for cancer to help his people.

  15. Gramma Mresh

    Am scared God!

  16. Pearly Nina

    Aki Mungu

  17. Nelly Mukoma

    Woi mungu ,we can only call you this is too painful

  18. Shaz Adhis


  19. Karen Vlogs

    Oh Lord have mercy

  20. peter gacibu

    lord have mercy

  21. Dennis Muthai

    God save us please. This is devastating!

  22. karendi foodies

    Lord have Mercy on us n delivers from this monster killer😢😢😢😢

  23. Farxi Hemedi

    Ni hizi chakula….😡

  24. flev yuaya

    Eeeeiii kenyaaaaaa when someone is on vacation in a public hospital kazi inasmama😥😥

  25. Antony Ndirangu

    So painful

  26. Ngambi Nyathoko

    This is so traumatizing and painful to watch.why cant the county and national government build cancer centres ? surely ….

  27. Sherylin Geoffrey

    God heal our country😢😢😢😢

  28. GG F

    Dear God have mercy on us😭😭😭😭😭 it's too painful watching this 😢😢😢😢

  29. Falanqeeye

    This is sad haki. This disease should be declared national disaster. I mean these vulnerable kenyans which maybe are future presidents lawys and doctors should get the needed help they deserve mungu hasaidie.

  30. Susan Graf

    Hii cancer mahadui, wametuwekea, kitu kwa chakula,mbona mbeleni ilikua akuna? Kama uko na kashamba yako kadogo jipandie chakula, na usiwege mbolea.

  31. Ann Ann mpole

    God have mercy to is n heal this deadly diseases.

  32. Jackie Ndambuki

    God of Abraham have mercy on your people we're suffering from cancer we are your children forgive us our sin cleanse us with your precious blood. I call upon healing in mighty name of Jesus to those who are suffering. So sad and painful situation.

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