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  1. Warrior Survivor

    All of that resonated with me and my ex. Thank u for the truth and for all those kind words. God Bless U.

  2. Lucia Motuzova

    Hi. First of all ur sound is high for me. I needed to even set the volume in half way . So it is great.
    I wasnt watching tarot readings for a long time. This reading is the first i came to. And every single thing u r saying i am going thru !
    Thank you so much 💙

  3. Seven

    This is more of an amazing read than you can imagine. I do have a new person and I couldn't understand why it wasn't progressing and I thought that he was stalling or delaying. But I do have some old energy that is haunting my mind and maybe he's picking up on that. It is someone that shut the door in my face not literally but emotionally. I also sense they're still around and might come back and I've been struggling with what to do. You really helped me understand that I'm worth more than accepting that return and it's helping me think I can have a conversation with the new person about progressing this new relationship.

  4. Jay See

    Just a little lesson in manners. It’s incredibly rude, for anyone who might not know this, just to comment “I can’t hear you”, “you have a quiet voice”, “you need a new microphone” without also saying “thank you for taking the time to do a tarot reading for me” or “I love your channel” or “I really appreciate you”. Just so you know. You might not be be able to hear Ace of Pentacles but I don’t think you can hear yourselves either, unless you’re deliberately trying to be read speak more time hearing how you come across and less time complaining in such a rude fashion. There are ways to point things out. Hear yourself!

  5. Afro Katsis

    I don’t think for one second that my ex would ever consider that and if he has run out of options I don’t think I could in gage with him again. I spent 22 yrs with this man that didn’t care about me or my well been.. I don’t think he can ever make up for the traumatic pain he has inflicted on me… Everything u said resonates I’ll let u knw if we talk Thank u for ur reading..

  6. OJAS

    Hi Ace I totally understand. I'd hear her out, and I know she shut the door but I had my own mistakes as well. And I have this unconditional love. So I have moved on, I will hear her out, and then use absolute discernment.

  7. Mar Hut

    I love your redings. So many times you are right. But its sooo hard to hear you…😥

  8. Susie Lee

    The volume is too low. It's hard to hear you even when I had the volume all the way up.

  9. Young Reborn Mommys with Abby and Emily

    I forgive !!🙏hard to forget ty

  10. Ayahea Richards

    My ex did that to me. He treated badly. I stood by him when his father died last year. He has been awful towards me. He finished with me thought he could do better. Than me. He's been through three women since me. A month ago he changed his number. And ran off with some controlling nasty woman. As he lost everything in his flat due to his drug and alcohol abuse. So now he only has this woman to impose on. I don't think he's going to be happy at all. Long term

  11. Evelia Preciado

    Guys she doesn’t need a new microphone you guys need a new ears 👂 . I can hear perfectly.
    Or invest in some hearing aids. Lol

  12. Templanza Tarot

    Hello love. U need a microphone we can barley hear u. It's been like that forever. On top of that u have a low voice. Xoxo

  13. Kundalini Hue

    This is my story to the T. Thankyou!

  14. casualchakra

    I needed to hear this. Thank you ✨

  15. Toni Prieto

    ACE…I love your readings but….I can't hear you…to low volume

  16. Dionna Blackson

    I forgive but I don’t not allow people that hurt me back into my life to Possibly do it again normally when someone hurts you they keep doing it and then me you confront them and tell them they see no wrong in what they do because they’re the victim I’m not putting up with that behavior again so I forgive but I do not have to allow anyone back regardless of their spiritual connection to me I wish them good luck

  17. Heidi-Rose Cholod


  18. Sanata X

    Madam voice is too low

  19. M.A. Jer

    Great video!!!!!!💯💯💯👍👍👍💖❤💜🧡💛💚💙

  20. Karen

    You are very hard to hear, even with my volume full up.

  21. Alex

    Please someone help me! I don’t wanna look back in the past again I’m really struggling trying to not to! Any advice that can help me! I don’t wanna surrender to my ex straight up poisoning


    hi your micro phone is not loud enough i have my volume on 100 and can hardly hear you

  23. Damo McGregor

    Damn! 🤯😳 This is easily the strongest resignating reading I've had, considering every Tarot reading since September has resignated with my situation. BIG respect Ace Of Pentacles! 🦀👌🏼 you've done it again.

  24. Magic Tarot Cards

    Right on the money Ace! As usual you hit it on the nose! And yes I know my EX will try to contact me, I see it in my cards as well, I'm shut the door in his face like he did me in the past, your right he dont deserve to see my face! And he had 3 weman he was messing with at the same time, none of them want him now!. I hope I do win the Lottery tho! 😄 thank you for the reading!

  25. Belle Lopez

    You are right… I don't need to show up or talk to the Narc who thought less of me. He is holding on as I am an ego boost. Thank you for the deliverer of good news about $$$$, I look forward to it after 10+ yrs of trying to make it in my 2nd Career. 🥰

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