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  1. j a

    Letting go hurts so much but need to do.. so I can able to move on..Thank u for the reading

  2. Ray Brown

    Really enjoy your readings, thankyou & Happy Holidays to you!👍🍗🥧😊

  3. Zizi from

    But bear girllll, you are awesome…… I want you to shine brigter every day a bit more. Because you can!

  4. Zizi from

    Why so much about relationship, its not that important i thi k cancers must learn to focus on themself. Activatig their power by themself. This is the most powerful way to atrrac the good people in our life activate your best you. Learn, reflect, forgive, don't hold back on grudges, spiz it out thaz poison… Come on…. We are one… Just make your own thing

  5. Masoom Thaker

    Missed u , congrats for a new home

  6. Jayne Diggles

    Your new house looks amazing, love the fireplace(?) . Thank you and have a fabulous Holiday season 🎄❄️🎄

  7. Sir Parris

    So I like to come off as "Being Real" and alot of times claim that (certain)people are "Fake"🙄
    And if someone says something that bothers me I keep it to myself and that makes it worse.

  8. mario Gonzales

    I see your new home congrats she bear very nice 🐻.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  9. Joan Williams

    Thank you! Great read right on!

  10. Alicia

    Wow, this reading was on point! Welcoming a bundle of joy in June 2020 💕 rekindling my relationship with my love and the message of letting go of past resentment is a must from old karmic relationships! Let it go and let it flow ☺️ message received. Thank you ❤️

  11. nicola camivineyards

    So very lovely to see you again from here in the vineyards of Napa Valley, California! Hope you are well settled! Your new home looks just beautiful, a warm fire is the way to a warm heart! Sending wonderful warm thoughts for this merry & light filled Holiday Season, xox Nicola

  12. Cheryl M

    wow. Thank you. Feels like a personal reading. I want so much to feel more free and but then it is still there holding things in is definitely effecting my health. All of my relationships with my partner and my family members and especially coworkers this past couple of years.

  13. Jarrell Johnson

    Thank you for the reading ❤️

  14. Temple Technology

    Shebear is back baby. Hope you got some good vibes in the new spot.

  15. Jordana Music

    this was extremely uplifting and helpful, thank you xo

  16. Andre P.

    Thank you so much for wonderful reading .
    God Bless you and Kisses from Canada

  17. Annie Fitzsimmons nash

    I put my all into the relationship. He put nothing in. He told me every holiday for 2 years he's coming to me. He's never showed up yet. I walked away from him last week. Because he said he wasn't coming again. I was committed to him sadly he didn't feel the same way. He stopped talking to me and was ghosting or ignoring me. I told him he's got 4 hours to talk to me then l was deleting and blocking him. He didn't reply. So l told him if you want me? You know where l live. And that was that. I m not thinking I m going to hear from him any time soon. I know he's got a lot of problems with the karmic. She won't sign the divorce papers and wants every thing. The money the property and the power over him. They are in business together so unless he signs his part of the business over to her? He may never be free of her. We couldn't get on with our lives together. Because to there was no way of getting here. He lives together over seas. I don't know if it's worth putting any thing else into the relationship. It's up to him now. To make the first move. Cos l m not doing anything else. If he doesn't know by now whether or not he wants to be with me. I don't remember how many times we were starting a fresh start. Nothing changes. It's no further forward now than we were 2 years ago. He won't make an effort. I said to him last week nothing is getting better. He said it will ghosts me for 2 days. Be nice if he paid me my money back he doesn't like rejection. But he's happy to reject me. I really wanted it to work. But we've gone too far away to find our way back.

  18. Vicki Kaaihili

    Very well done! Thank you!!! Aloha!!

  19. caroline wayman

    So nice to see you again, love your readings, made sense x thank s again

  20. Sharon Davis

    You are surrounded by beautiful earthy colors. Thank you for your positivity. ❤

  21. etsout

    You are dead on with everything you said. Just was arguing with my partner. I also was preparing myself for drama at work, this video tells me that I have to start with myself.

  22. Grisel Sanchez

    Congratulations to those Cancers that stood the test of the past Karmic event. It is time to enjoy life freely because your have been brave enogh to withstand the pressure of a hard test. Keep loving. Thank you She Bear for your sweetness and wisdom!!!

  23. dan couture

    Love the new place good for you and I enjoyed the reading of course take care

  24. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    No I'm not you don't speak for me

  25. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    Nope I'm not dealing with fire and air and earth signs

  26. Alysia Villanueva

    Dealing with libra of 4 yrs now separation since sept lots of lie manipulation hurt

  27. Bri Fnic

    Congratulations on the new home, beautiful mantel..

  28. Bernadette DSouza

    She Bear 🐻 thank you 🙏
    Still listening 👂 my sister called and I was interrupted, then her son called and interrupted us …
    She Bear 🐻 I’ve been dealing with a difficult Libra ♎️ Sagittarius ♐️ for the past two years, but the thought of giving up has not crossed 🤞 my mind as of yet !
    My husband Aquarius ♒️/Pisces now that’s another story, he’s hurt 😢 me and my children too many times to mention, don’t know if I will ever get over the pain , lies , deceit and gambling , now that’s an open wound with a light scab which has been scraped off endless times , to be honest I don’t think 🤔 it will ever heal 😭 fully or completely , just it starts healing he rips it open again and again and again a zillion times .
    Hopefully 2020 has better things in store 🏬 for Cancers!
    She Bear 🐻 do you do a yearly reading 📖 for all signs ?

  29. Mother Phoenix


  30. Andrew Cody

    Love the new home – nice "altar"! But, I Will miss the Blue Fridge and all it's "Magnets" – Enjoy your new "pad". Thanks for this read – but I am more happy to see you smiling in this new setting – wish you all the best!

  31. Ober447

    Radiant and well spoken, as always ❤️

  32. Notorious J

    Thank you for this!

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