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  1. Patricia Daniels

    To end this old year & begin the new year with True Love would equal wish fulfillment for me….Keeping the faith that it will arrive in Devine Time🙏…Really beautiful reading Mike !😚

  2. LovelyBollocks

    Thank you for this reading. No one shows me how beautiful and strong I am like you do!

  3. realwitcha1

    Haha 😆 Yaaaza!!

  4. Mark Young

    I ain't NO Milktoast !! Im the mighty ♈ X watchin' my li'l TWINNY twin 🔥🔥♋'s read 👍😆♈

  5. Wayne Wright

    2 Divinely Guided Cancer Twin Flame Dynamic reuniting for mission.
    Love and Light from 1 of 2 Lightworkers.

  6. Blaine Williams

    Thank u again I am Scorpio sun and cancer moon. So wild. Spirit is on it thank you for being the deliverer looking forward to change! Done with the Gemini NARCISSISM done done done!

  7. shirlnj

    Wow 👏🏼❤️

  8. bluebee b

    Wowsie! I claim this! 😀 thank u Mike! I’ll let you know when it comes into the 3D!

  9. bumble2able

    I swear down this just keeps happening with cancer, a great live from the past coming in after we just start getting right again lol Hopefully just bit taking any bs that’s for sure 😂☺️🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. MadNomadM

    An upgrade sounds nice but upgrade from no relationship could be any little thing lol Thanks for the reading. Always so entertaining. Nothing happened for me in November but I do resonate more with my Rising sign Libra. Will check those out also. ✌️

  11. Adrian's gamma Hernandez

    27:24 perfectly worded Ramblin!!

  12. Adrian's gamma Hernandez

    Ooey gooey soft and chewy LMAO. thanks Ramblin! when I hear your reads I snap my fingers and wiggle my hips. hahaha love your vibe

  13. Jeremy Kind

    Awesome reading guy!

  14. Sulyeman Mehmet

    You're great! My first time but it won't be the last!! Thanks.

  15. Sage Oldmann

    Thanks brother. New sub. You have amazing energy. Thank you 🙏🏻

  16. Anya Ricks

    Love ya mike Right working on myself!!! Claiming that success and abundance💕

  17. Cal Zombie

    Doin' the work~and tamin' The Beast within! That's what I've been doin'! Nice reading Mike~Powerful Spread!!
    Totally resonated with this Cancer. ACE of Swords, Baby! Clarity and Truth….Yes!!
    Source is working, strength from the Universe…..the Divine is placing things right on my path for me…..and I accept gladly.

  18. Laura Witt Chandler

    I'm cancer. He's capricorn. I feel like you're reading this to me… he totally freaked out about the connection we have… afraid of the "L" word… but it's intense. I get it. The chemistry, the passion, the connection… like nothing I have ever known. It is scary, but I know we are bashert. I know he's the love of my life. So, now that we found each other, I cannot let go of the connection, but I definitely want clarity about his feelings. I want him to own up to his feelings and the love we have. We both of us have 2 children from previous marriages and we fit them and they fit us… I did have abandonment issues. (My father left my sister and I when he remarried and chose his new family over us. I knew I needed healing. And I have come to see my strength in new light.) I know that I am a healer and a light worker.
    (I'm cancer sun, leo moon, pisces rising. )
    Thank you for confirming what my intuition has been on fire about.

  19. Juju Bee


  20. Ayshea Richards

    The Aquarius is my ex. He’s been an idiot. He’s messed around with other women. Left me. No communication. For over a month. He’s with another woman I last heard. She changed his number. He got himself wrapped up in this. We will see if he makes contact. I want closure. Sick of this shit

  21. Queen of Cups

    Thanks for great positive reading Happy Holidays much ❤️&✨👸🤴 many ❤️& blessings

  22. Alice Warren

    He's a Virgo Sun with Aries Moon and Gemini Rising! He has to make a decision!

  23. Iulia Popovici

    Thank you, definitely resonates ☺️💕

  24. Tracy Sparks

    Thank you… I have worked hard for this..

  25. Occy Smith

    Definitely resonated to the fullest! I was sitting here calling the next card and saying “if this card comes out next this reading was definitely for me” …guess what??!! It did!!! Thank you so much! Your readings are always positive whether it’s for me or not and your energy is amazing.




    Im not coming toguether with no page of cups …im a 👑 im not going with any body younger …that can be a younger brother he lost his mind on that speacially a narcissistic personality he needs to stop doung black magic to pull me back to him hes a cheater spiritually hes done some dirty work on me on the 3d im gighting him i dont want him…

  28. Deborah Ohalloran

    Unbelievable 💫💫💫💫⭐💯👌👊

  29. Velvet Velour

    I love your videos and readings! I'm a Cancer hoping the Virgo I fell for earlier in the year comes back to offer me a real relationship. She's been in a relationship for a few years now, with what I think is a Sagittarius, and was in it still when we had something that I could only describe as a relationship (given the things that we did together and said to each other, and the sheer amount of time we spent together which was almost all day every day, and despite her eventually denying it being that way) that lasted a few months. It eventually became very unstable due to the nature of the situation, especially once she started spending less time with me and more time with him and my insecurities peaked. When we had our thing together I initially thought I was saving her from a bad relationship, especially cause she said she had considered leaving him, but it was more complicated than that and I still don't really know all the details because it was difficult to get her to open up about things. She eventually chose him over me, and to stay with him. I've been trying to be a good friend and just bury my feelings because I truly love her but what I really want most of all is for her to be with me, because I genuinely feel that she's my soulmate with how much we have in common and how much we clicked, but I also still feel bad that to get what my heart longs for, someone else has to hurt. That's what I started expressing to her when our affair (for lack of a better way to put it) was taking off, I expressed so much fear and guilt about someone getting hurt. I said if it should be anyone, it should be me, because I can handle it. Unfortunately I didn't handle it as gracefully as I imagined I would. It really broke me, because while I've had my heart broken before and suffered a lot of rejection, I've never connected with someone as deeply and as closely as I have with her. I've been trying to heal and trying to believe in something good. Your readings have been helping with that, so thank you.

  30. A Neves


  31. animussano

    Thank you Mr Mike Ramblin. But maybe the ex belongs already to the past and the whole reading is about us dealing with your demons and eventually (or hopefully) a new, abundant love coming in…
    In any case, thank you. Namaste 🙏

  32. Maria Ribeiro

    Thank you for the reading!

  33. Gemma Treluna

    Did you miss Gemini? Or did I miss it???

  34. Yolah Tarot

    I love his readings, just to hear him speak the introduction I feel more hope and light ! Keep the good work .


  35. shein360

    This screams my ex who I still love. But she has been keeping distance and I really don’t ever see her coming back. I would do anything for her but I really think it’s over. I do hope someday me and her will be able to work out.

  36. Rey Naik

    The Taj Mahal is a tomb, but it was a tomb that was built by a King for his Queen that he loved more life itself. He loved her so much he created one of the wonders of the world! It's a great symbol for the 4 of Wands.


    115th chances 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. True Green

    Namaste 💞🦋🌷

  39. Michelle Moffett


  40. Crystal Brooke

    I'm a Gemini/Cancer my ex and I had a reunion he's a Taurus. So far so good ☺️
    One Day At A Time.

  41. Judith Sellner

    Pretty amazin

  42. nikya moore

    Oh my you just gave me a personal reading Mike, he's a Sag❤much love and blessings to you😇❤

  43. Jessica F

    On the money again, Mike ✨🙏🏼♥️ Thank you 😘

  44. Judith Sellner

    All of it is so. I want to be cleared of this

  45. Judith Sellner

    Sounds true.

  46. Lynne Brannon

    This is like a personal reading😍. He's a Gemini and that was good.too. The planets you mentioned in that are in my chart. Leo 🌒, Aquarius north node, Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Scorpio. Thank you Rambling Mike. Powerful for sure.

  47. Senta Augsburger

    What a beautiful reading! Thank you very much!

  48. Hippy Gypsy

    You know Mike the 7 of swards in one of my decks is all about running from responsibility, love, guilt. One day we need to stop running and allow ourselves to be caught by all this oowee goowee soft and chewy love you're talkin about. 😍💋🧡💦

  49. Hippy Gypsy

    This read reminds me of the song "Kiss Me" by Ed Sheeran. 🎶 Settle down with me, I'll be your safety, you'll be my lady🎵. Love that red head😍. Otherwise, I'm stuck in the 70's when it comes to music.

  50. ishtar0077

    Thank you for video 🕊🕊🕊🦀

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