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  1. M DE

    OMG lemme lone 7 sword asf

  2. AngelOf PURELOVE

    Thank You Beautiful Soul!!! I Am Grateful

  3. Alberta

    I was betrayed by my saggy who I deeply loved. I confronted him he got angry and broke up with me and blocked me. I blocked him also so he never called me also

  4. hina mirza

    I believe there are more than one person in the picture

  5. Jessica G

    My son’s father is a Taurus and we separated over two years ago and he’s trying to come back. He hasn’t changed at all. I just recently unblocked him. We work for the same company, just different departments. Thank you for the reading.

  6. Mac Mac

    Libra setting up fake profiles on social media to contact me.
    I know its him gut feeling. Had blocked him but keeps trying to contact me. Im pretty sure hes married, that is why.
    Feel stuck for sure.

  7. Linda Waru

    I am a self.motivator and I love making things happen and taking action. My partner told me he has never cheated but the tarot readings are begging a differ

  8. Linda Waru

    Omg and yes he never took me out out of the kindness of his heart and hez still like that. Hez never planned to take me out to dinner and said he duznt like moviez. Our anniversary is in 8 days but he has never planned anything 4 us yet and may I remind we hve been together 4 12 yrs

  9. Linda Waru

    We still live together but I dnt think hez wanting my attention as he still the same jst not partying much.

  10. Linda Waru

    My partner is a taurus. We been 2gether 4 12 yrs and we got together in high school at the job I work at. I dnt hve any romantic feelings towards anyone at my job. My partner is studying to be a business management. I am definately trying my best to become the best teacher I can be. I have been emotionally drained lateli and veri tired too. 4 years my partner couldnt comit to our relationship so I chose to leave the relationship. I told him everything how he let me down which made me a broken record but now he wants to realli have a relationship with me.and hez trying his best. I feel like he was onli wiv me 4 our child and the comfort of everything I provide 4 him I feel stuck deffinateli. My partner deffinateli was an alcoholic and partied every weekend. I felt.veri pertrade by this as he lied to me about wea he was. So again my partner is a Taurus.

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