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  1. Marquita Ricks Jones

    My husband is a Sagittarius

  2. Ciara Tillman

    I love the way you say “tweenny nin teen” 😭❤️

  3. elisa love

    Omg i got a new friend and they told me HeS a thieve

  4. C LuvlyDay


  5. Linda Waru

    Definateli spend alot if time alone at the beach to think about what I'm feeling. I am currently with a Taurus. We have been together 4 12 yrs but it's been a real shit show. My partner wasnt realli committed in this relationship he never cheated but he had an alcohol addiction which often kept him away while I stayed home. He doesnt take me out or celebrate anything from the bottom of his heart. He is home alone since his study is over 4 the year but he still stays hez not cheating so I jst take his word 4 it but lately I've been sein lil things which mayb I think is jst an illusion. Yes I needed to take a break. Wonder what the secrets are?? I have been thinking that i can du better single but i love this clown so much. I'm all about action and getting things done, i rule my own world whilst trying to support my son. I feel theres more to him wen he was partying and he hasnt told me but hez really reassuring that nothing happened.

  6. Elizabeth Marez

    Your amazing

  7. Laurenn Brennan

    You're spot on ! Scared though 😬😭😭

  8. CoffeeKisses xoxo

    AM a Leo cancer cusper. so YES taking on queen of wands upright energy. Am the one with Taurus and earth energies. Cancer is Cancer gemini cusper….with Gemini mars. Leo cancer has capricorn exalted mars… let that sit. which mars handles their business?… also have virgo venus for money placements, whilst cancer has leo venus for money placements..how does virgo energy handle their finances? how does gemini mars fail to handle tasks? moving on with further facts… Cancer gemini cusper is in DEBT. for having taken out many credit cards he can not afford to pay back on….Leo cancer cusper. Has savings. Cancer gemini does NOT. cancer gemini was FIRED from work for stealing parcels in his dpd job. Leo cancer cusper warned his ass.. he got sacked. Is now facing financial karma. whilst leo cancer cusper is handling home life and finances. Cancer gemini is barely manging finances and debt. whilst living at home with his mum at 37 years of age. Leo cancer cusper 33 private renting. supossed to be jointly. But cancer gemini cusper lives with mum And borrows money from others. Has lost many friends including a scorpio medical student whom he knew for years for always borrowing and doing fraud. Karma is now catching up with him…His words exactly yesterday on the phone..was he is in financial crisis. Pentacles energy is earth. leo cancer is EARTH dominant in birth chart at 50%. Cancer gemini is FIRE Dominant with 47% saggitarius Aries and Leo energy followed by a second Dominant of Air Gemini. I just like to clarify when i see ENERGETIC readings. In regards to what is going on for my situation. Might better help others too in regards to their Ascension. especially with the energetic attacks going around in the 'spiritual' tarot community. Looking forward to virgo as also have virgo venus. And surprise surprise with energies. My sister Virgo Sun. is experiencing the exact same situation with an Aries sun…..forgot to mention. Cancer Gemini cusper is also Aries dominant with strong Aires midhaeven placement…….Same as kanye west. i'll wait for virgo. Needn't mention cancer sun is an ABSENTEE father as is the Aries sun virgo is dealing with…And also ran home to live under his mums roof. Dropping from another reader. Devil car usually comes up a lot for this cancer gemini cusper persons energy…..And what is Capricorn moon? A FALL ''However, when the natal Moon finds its home in Capricorn, the lunar placement is classified as being in the sign of its Detriment. This indicates that the native may face serious challenges in their emotional life, as well as in their personal and professional relationships.'' … sounds like the above does it not? Vs Taurus moon Leo cancer cusper has. ''Moon is exalted in Taurus because of loving being in the most comfortable, nurturing, and stable sign Taurus. Moon loves being nurtured with abundant comforts and luxuries which in the first hand ensures all-round mental stability and peace of mind''   I personally Love Tarot i love to see how it plays out energetically and by planetary alignments. Look at the meaning of the devil card and how it ties to the Detrimental moon in this persons natal chart. SPOT On for this Leo cancer cusper. I read Tarot. pull the same energies for him having issues. was moved from one depot to another for fighting a Gemini. Has called recently about clashing with a fellow Cancer capricorn moon male work colleague, was pointing out flaws that he himself exhibits…..Same placements as himself. similar chart aspects. He can not even get along with himself half the time. Talk about shadow work being shown to him through the karma. What i want to know is, what is he going to do when his mum passes on she is well in her 50's. And his siblings are either in trouble with the law also, or have distanced themselves from him. He has no family to stay with as they don't like his ways. His brother has blocked his number, And his cousins are Refusing to do business with him. Family business on his auntys side run by one of his cousins, is a well known shoe brand. Butterfly twists. The same aunt of that son lent him 2k and never saw a penny spent for what he said he wanted it for. She has since distanced herself from him. The grandparents live in with that aunt mentioned and are disappointed in him for doing Fraud…..The friend he had who had his place got kicked out. for using it as a base to sell drugs. like opium. he now lives with the cancer gemini cusper in his mums house. And steals often from not only him but also his mum. kmt. So what will he do for security. Leo cancer cusper offered and has that. He has no place of his own, no savings, is in Financial debt. Has to pay off for the car accidents he has been involved in. For being reckless whilst on the job. further reasons for him being sacked. So what will he do for security and shelter when his mum passes away? he wont have her to borrow money from anymore either. And that is why Queen of wands with cancer energy stays upright with pentacle energy.

  9. free spirit

    his ex wife is very demanding and she is stressing him out financially,i stopped helping him because he is not loyal and i will not continue helping him for his past mistakes while he is not loyal and not ready to commit.

  10. free spirit

    the title scared me 🤣🤣

  11. CocoSugarLove Hairgoddess


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