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  1. SentStarr555, Queen Of Light

    Extended Version Of Your Reading Here..


  2. Jennifer Maurice

    Hes got scisofena and bipolar he recently is now on meds hes cheated pn me so much im cancer hes leo iv been to hell with him hes violent but he changed but he u can still see a bit of the anger in him we have to boys together baby s 1 an 2

  3. Hiliary Ann

    Thank you for this reading!! I've been dealing with a narcissist who try to make me believe no one will ever love me bc I have 6 Children!! Etc; MY GOD MY GOD!!!!

  4. Traci Renee _7ldytrace

    Thank you for reading🌻🌹💜

  5. Chimere brooks

    Tired of this rollarcoaster love ride that never went anywhere just bout to go into my hermit mood and keep my heart closed completely off shit just never work out so wats the point of trying anymore fuck this illusion of love feeling ot a myth its fake cancer here checking whoever come my now its gonna be bad for them

  6. Mara Althea Dimaculangan

    my ex pisces cheated and now with that taurus woman… he isn't serious yet with life:( I can feel that he wanted me to chase him but shall I do that after what he did. I still love him and dont wanna lose him for life, however I don"t know if he will change in the future. I hope we can still be friends when I got healed.. yeah his a narcississt haha pisces … i dont know what will I do with him

  7. whyme6911

    Thank you

  8. Te Waimaria Williams

    Thank you Lovely SentStar 555. Your readings resonate with me so much, that at times I don't want to watch… I respect your insight and gift.
    Much Love to you xoxo

  9. KeeRo _

    My person has 5 kids & he’s a cancer as well ❤️ thank you 💐

  10. chitra wickram

    Thank you very much for the very good reading the very good guidance.I am dealing with an Aries and he is going through a divorce and would like to get back with me.It is a long distance relationship and I will be meeting him in December.

  11. mia Williams

    Great reading thank you sp very.i have been given a opportunity to move and relocate.im excited and a bit nervous as the same time. But im trusting god. Thanks again.😊😊🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖

  12. Marianna flores

    Thank you so much emotional abuse by narcissist I have no self esteem left thank you for your encouraging reading I have been told by narcissist that I have to many children & no one will want me just survived a heart attack I'm so broken bless you and your lovely energy can't stop listening to your reading💜 💜 💜 thank you so much

  13. TA TA

    I'm on that higher level now with a libra I left a fire sign and yes he has been trying to come back

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