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  1. John McCain Ass

    Scary accurate

  2. cersei jennsan

    you are my favourite reader! your readings are always on point

  3. debi terrell

    Exist not live. I don't live I exist alone

  4. debi terrell

    Lots of depression for me: hermit mode. No money is making me want to live

  5. debi terrell

    Been feeling drained energetically but my Mars in cancer, sun in aries. Sorry but I like your videos. My bosslady is cancer July 20 & we just got over a hurdle Monday July 22, 2019

  6. L S.

    YEEESSSS YOU ARE MY SIGN!!! 😙🤗 thank you, this really made sense to me and is coming into play. wow great reading!!

  7. Maribel H

    On point great reading with everything.

  8. Johanna Bailey

    Right here 7/17

  9. Cassie Knight

    Good Morning Anthony! Thank you for your awesome reading that is spot on as always!

  10. Ms Jaye B

    This was the BEST reading that I have heard! So on point! Ladiejaye21 is my name in IG, and I literally posted the numbers 222, and 554 BS you not! This was like a personal reading for me..thank you @cancernoontarot

  11. Taylor's World Willams

    All of this resonated! And you were right on it! Thank you 🙏🏾💚
    I am still healing but it's not as bad as June was!😳 Namaste

  12. Elba P.

    This reading was on point . Stepping into higher vibes. This past month was rough but this leo energy is coming through .🙌🙌 Appreciate it Ant !

  13. Moonchild

    It's like you went into my head 💫🙏❤

  14. Sandra King

    This entire reading was crazy for me. Just keep getting more and more and more accurate to a point where i had thought about not communicating and then you said i see youre not going to communicate like wtf

  15. Sara Sarmadi

    So inspiring

  16. Tammy Caplan

    Lol never go back to the ex .he can f off eat shit . I know the TRUTH. That's all that matter . I could careless what he see .or feel and think he's .can't ever let something go . I've already let him go..shit happens.Am good he weak person..

  17. Johnsie Means

    I think cancers love abuse crazy bitch wanted me to slap her choke her and spit on her i left her for good mental anguish

  18. Charlie Bunt

    LOVED THIS READING!! thank you

  19. lexee long

    I love you 💕💕

  20. Teresa Marrero


  21. Joyce Smith

    very accurate reading for me. thank you

  22. TheAnamccann

    Wow, I just told my best today " I am cutting off anyone who speaks trying to "down me"", takes ALL the energy I don't feed. I also dont want any relationship with ppl who "Already" hurt me…I'm okie Thanks!! 😏

  23. cleversmynamee

    "you're taking a break from feeling like shit because you're getting very tired of it" me every time i come out of my depression honestly.

  24. Tawana Fraser

    Omg this totally resonates with me 😘😘😘

  25. Kimberly Garrett

    Dead on!!! Incredible reading, such truth and accuracy!! Amazing! Thank you!😘🥰

  26. Latima Atkins

    This was deep ❤️ On point thank you



  28. Susan Newman

    Standing in my power how spectacular moving on

  29. José Guerra

    Accurate and clear as usual !! Thanks a lot!!

  30. Susan Newman

    How many people did I have to cut off people are terrible I have never been so happy dumping all the bad baggage I hope I love myself enough to never go back to those lousy people it's not worth it . Your phone not ringing that's me 👍😀👏💃

  31. Angie Chandler

    Hey you are talking way too fast brother

  32. Grace Case

    Great reading. Really needed it. You are the best Ant!

  33. Geovanna Batista

    You gave me a lot of insight and understanding about on things I’ve been experiencing but couldn’t understand. Thank you so much!

  34. AT SSLA [Studio Supporting Local Artists]

    When is the podcast beginning? The time you use for live hangouts could be renamed … Live Podcast.. 😊 instead of deleting those charge membership for archived podcasts😎
    Happy Wednesday

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