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  1. leafclover

    Im around of controlling people.

  2. Lucimar Teixeira

    Awesome thank you. Right on it !! ❤️❤️

  3. Indigo Glo Oracle and more

    The sun and the Queen of Wands is because he cheated on me with the Leo. But I knew because I'm the high priestess. I am the one who detached when my cards and my intuition told me about the Leo. I am a Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon & cancer Rising. He is the one having the nine of swords thinking about me The High Priestess & the Queen of Pentacles I'm good.

  4. Roxann W

    On point about the father part. Wow!

  5. MissSimplyKC

    meeting someone this weekend we will see if we click!

  6. Gillian Alexander

    My mom yes. Business yes. He Blocked me yes. He did. 🙄😂

  7. Jenni Rahmat


  8. Winnie Villaret

    Hahahahaha! 👌bubble melk te dakasi fo da win

  9. Mary D

    Relationship with my father is dead! He is a butthole Leo! Always has been. He has crossed the line too many times. Along with being rude & disrespectful! I'm not hurting nor angry anymore. I just cut him off and love him from a distance. I'm good with that! 👌🏾 Thanks any way.

  10. NaraNara Mango

    Going to meet someone or two new individuals this month. Can't wait and hope everything will turn out well..

  11. Hello Hello

    Thank you sal..i love ur reading always.God Bless you..

  12. Mari A

    You never cease to amaze me with your creativity on your YouTube site. Your a very unique person! Hope your special one appreciates you because your beautiful and very talented.

  13. Gwen Delighted

    I feel better w the title! It speak for itself no explanation needed 💯♋

  14. Debz Mahj

    Thank You Sal 🌹✌💖

  15. Ed T

    2:41 Reading Starts

  16. joealex laniyo

    Oh hello sal!!!

  17. Neha

    Spot on… everything… Narcissist mom.. heartache. Going on a trip in August… You amaze me every time Sal. 👏

  18. M J

    Emperor blocked me. Said I know why. I have no idea haha. But yeah I agree I think he's healing since he's making stuff up to push me away. Also I don't know if I'll ever talk to my dad again, but when dudes ghost me or bully me I feel the same void of my dad leaving us.

  19. MoonGoddess Cancer

    I hope so financially 🤗🙏💚

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