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  1. GoddessQueen JustMe23

    Timestamp 16:34
    Sagittarius reading –

    Gladys Knight – Midnight Train To Georgia https://g.co/kgs/7TQnhP

    Tupac – Talking About His Love For Woman 💕

  2. Life Goes on.

    You are on point!!💯💯💯great explanation!! Alot of miss opportunities .. Very cautious is true..he did break my heart and brought alot of emotional pain rather he believes it or accept it he did … Wow omg drunk man words are a sober mans truth..

  3. Nancy Valente

    Midnight Train to Georgia..

  4. Angela LaMarch

    Every goddess has a goddess …my God child!!💪 are you connected h😊!!!! I don’t need to watch anymore Terrell card reading’s ..i thank you and honor the work that you have done that we are all doing !! you are a diamond among GEMS!!!!!!🌸🌺💐beloved and all of humanity heal from your work OK

  5. Conchetta Marrero

    Midnight train to Georgia!!! ♥️

  6. Patricia Novak

    Leaving on the midnight train to GA. He's leaving.

  7. Angela LaMarch

    I know all about the holographic inserts —I can breathe now because you’re on duty..

  8. Angela LaMarch

    I’m also Scorpio rising but my son is Virgo you rock

  9. Angela LaMarch

    Thanks for your service my cancer is moon Mars and Venus I adore you carry-on

  10. Angela LaMarch

    Pleiades here. Playdium nation honor to hear you young lady you’re rocking it

  11. Angela LaMarch


  12. Conchetta Marrero

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ ♥️listening and holding my heart at the same time🙏🏽thank you !!!!! Cancer 7/8 Bicentennial baby ☺️

  13. Angela LaMarch

    BRAVO young lady!! ( Yes I didn’t watch it yet I love your Introductory video) I’ve watch 1 million Tara card reading’s I have a dozen favorites and you’ve been subscribe to for many long time God bless happy new year

  14. jane okija

    Very accurate reading Wonderful.. i wish all this his thoughts come to live.. am patiently waiting hoping for that apology to come through and this beautiful word's to be a reality… am weary of waiting.. am due for happiness over due infact Thanks dear

  15. Angie Zacarias


  16. Shante Tyler

    Midnight train to Georgia

  17. Lisagirl 143

    Thank you❤very truthful

  18. Deidra_Ann Holden

    Great mf job you nailed it baby

  19. Jennifer McFarland

    Youre a powerhouse…Im glad I found you

  20. Steph Seymour

    What deck are you using that has Tupac as King of Cups? I need this deck! Awsome!

  21. Steph Seymour

    Cancer🌞, cancer 🌛, and cancer rising. Ty

  22. Brandon d Caldwell

    She is a Gemini

  23. Cherry Dee

    I was playing that song Remember the time we fell in love.. today..

  24. Cherry Dee

    Full blown cancer.. north node in Aries..

  25. Christina Cataldi

    Double Cancer with a Scorpio rising

  26. Christine Canty

    It's the cancer man who is the alcoholic. When he was drunk one night he said I was the love of his life. I asked him about it the next day and his response was "never argue with a drunk". I'm a virgo sun, leo moon with 3 Leo placements in my chart cross watcher. I'm picking up flipped energies. I don't drink.
    Thank you.

  27. ksavvy007

    Aries crosswatching – bang on the money here! This is exactly how my cancer has been, big party animal, non-committal and emotionally detached. He only opens up and contacts me now when he's drunk. I had to cut him off but left heartbroken 💔

  28. Jermaine Clark

    She's a Leo she came back in November and told me she was still in love with me. But the guy she was dealing with came back into the picture and talked her out of dealing with me because of are past…

  29. Marina Paull

    Wrong I always respected mysel standards fought all the way people and my dress code together just my spirit ancestors queen wands? is rebound Beauty look cheater months player back not excepting I'm looking my own house independent years years wasted fooled aroundmy ground toxic bs moving quick new person soon hopefully done my work myself single Thank You Happy New Year

  30. The Empress Your favorite Witch

    ♥️ glad I found ya

  31. sylvia solis

    A Spiritual Person is Real & Raw. Just Like You. Keep doing You.

  32. Mary Beckner

    I like your reading much love to you ,happy new year to you,

  33. Marina Paull

    I'm real woman feminine to baby? How ridiciulous no reason sexual desese that's tyoes men have lots kids barbies his family interference years not nterested thankyou

  34. Marina Paull

    Dresscode tattoos my truth to.not into drunk attention nonsense Michael Jackson?

  35. Marina Paull

    No way t moving away from this not healing any one changing house move aliens? Transformers had skank body in it that movie society jazebels tyoes dm wants charmer sleaze street manifesting myself my truth ridiculous bs competitioni I've done my work battle ffoff DNA devil work trap finding another moving direction real man to this fantasy Thankyou

  36. WhiteSage1111 HealerTarrot

    This was recommended. Thank you hun

  37. GuidedByAngels

    You totally picked up on my situation exactly to a T of my ex Cancer Taurus Leo stepped out of our relationship when he was partying in another country drinking, drugs had a fling with a girl and getting her pregnant just because I said I was not sure I still had feelings for him because he asked me if he could see other girls while he worked in other countries of states. To me this was the ultimate rejection and betrayal towards me, but played the victim like a narcissist, when he knew how much this would hurt me and break my heart apart. Because he is my twin flame I forgive him, but I don't know if I can trust him. He was careless with my heart and feelings, and though I forgive him, try as I might I cannot forget. It would take a marriage commitment and many sessions of counseling to undo the past mistakes.

  38. Niyah Simley

    I really enjoy her readings … Thanks to her I have really learned a lot .. ♋️

  39. Felicia.xo

    All my videos say someone’s coming back..I have No clue who it could be but i am interested to find out who surfaces 👏

  40. Donna Zucker

    Wow! I am Gemini sun, cancer moon, Leo Venus…he’s aqua sun, sag moon, aqua Venus….he’s unhappily married to an older scorp. I walked away bc I’m feeling too much and getting hurt and he wasn’t listening to me. We have communicated multiple times and he is still trying to pull me in….but I’m sitting firm on what I need. I am important too and he does know that.

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