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  1. Ilana Botes

    just saw today on his profile that he got married.he hurt me so much before and i think he still tries but it does not bother me as much as i know what i know as its false love due to money and he still speaks to me in my dreams telling me although he wants to come back he cant right now.ive let it go its not in my hands as if it must be it will if not something better will be coming my way.he cheated lied and used me when he saw my money running out he bailed and went straight into another relationship i feel sorry for him as he keeps jumping from one to another but i guess as long as the money is there hell keep her but not for love only to hos advantage like he has done with everyone else

  2. Walt Masters

    I would sincerely desire a particular Scorpio! She is the BEST. I respect she had to walk away from me

  3. Dei Dei

    Good morning! THANK YOU JENNIFER❤️‼️

  4. chitra wickram

    Thank you for the very good reading.I am dealing with an Aries.

  5. Aniela Lucian

    Great…. who is this mother f…. 'ex' who is coming back???? If he is willing to come back, so why is not taking responsibility for his past decisions??? What good is starting for me, from having back the same person together with the same sh…s??? I am not masochist…. What other new chances exist for singles which are NOT willing to give up their own personality and their own power, in order to please a mother f… egotistic 'ex'?

  6. Helen J. Goh

    Scorp blocked in Apr; Virgo blocked in Oct – Cancer has no luv now. Que sera sera – ! Thank you !

  7. Jeanine Vasquez

    Your readings are very accurate! My person did walk away and had many burdens; I know what they are but don’t know the details. However, like you said, they do need to walk away from someone. A lot of things hanging between them and unfinished business.
    I don’t know if they’ll return or even if they do that we’ll work things out. I’m open to working things out if I feel/believe it’s worth it.

  8. moon child

    Tarot readings confuse me
    Because they all resonate
    Some say all find a new love were done then they say he will be back.

  9. debbie huia

    Thankyou. Totally resonated 💯🙏💯 for me. Not sure bout taking this aries back though. Too much deception and hurt😭😭

  10. LuvSummerForeva

    I'm a Leo and He's a cancer.
    He can contact me, I'm waiting.

  11. gavin nall

    Saggy ain't coming back to you girl

  12. gavin nall

    She said the one you think about and want the most 😂.. you girls have tons of exs in the near past

  13. Moon_03 Cain


  14. Victoria Szymula

    I am a Scorpio and just ended it with my cancer because we had opposite Emotional needs and couldNt learn how to meet half way. I hated the fighting but I miss her more than anything. 💔

  15. lyn young

    My scorpio 💔❤😍😘😘

  16. Suzy x

    ? Happy that just sounds crazy. Happy is good why would you question happy. Distance can be worked out. Too much thinking, omg. More loving would be best. God does guide us to what's good 4 us. Ty ❤👍

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