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  1. ramona a badulescu

    First,i love your outfit today it suits you really

  2. Jazmine Nicole

    That Leo. 😔

  3. Steve Pringle

    I'm not waiting for "this person" to pull their head out of their @##. I'm tired of being the last one picked for a the kick ball team.

  4. Linda Rhodes

    This all got started over a text message threw social media he got mad and left me this is crazy stupid over a text message on social media every one's have friends on social media maybe he will return back one day to me. Yeah iam dealing with a capricorn man no it's haven't moved in my favorite yet

  5. Tracy Coll

    It's funny how all the signs have the same message about their ex's surely all signs don't get the same thing. The mind boggles.. "is your ex going to return?" You have the same thing for a few star signs. Big red flag imo

  6. Ronald Marion

    We can start off apologizing…being serious about a future plan so we can heal together with love…equal give and take…all logical ideas work for me…time will tell with my ex-girlfriend.

  7. Dana Wilson

    I been hurt lied poured my emotions and then be left out in the cold nooo not taking them bk ever again im still healing and im better off with out the gemeni and leo

  8. Dana Wilson

    Nvr again 👎

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