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  1. Alchemy 4

    Thank you for the reading ❤️
    I didn’t see Aries reading?

  2. Tarina Baker

    Thank you! ♊🌞♋🌜

  3. Dei Dei

    Thank you❣️❤️

  4. Adrienne harris

    I hate the karmic she has destroyed my life by stealing everything away from me and spying and stalking me everyday and night. She has a sick ibsane twisted obsession with me that’s weird and sick. My person won’t do anything to stop it. She also stole my glasses my 3 babies and everything else I own

  5. Adrienne harris

    Those are cool cards what’s the name of that deck

  6. AnAn

    Is this for real? seriously.

  7. i am cancer

    All about me!!! Yeah right!!…im ending this chapter.😔🙏

  8. Felicia.xo

    Yes Queen 👸🏼💫💞💋That true Man card though 😍

  9. Tesh Hemopo

    Thank you I’m connected to a Gemini ❤️

  10. Helen McKenna

    I am waiting for my lovely handsome Scorpio to come back to me!! Fingers crossed x

  11. Prototype 176708

    I woke up in beast moooooooode!!!😂😂😂😂

  12. Sana Fatma

    👍👍👍 feeling gud after listening this reading

  13. Sana Fatma

    My new person Gemini
    Broken heart libra get full kick from 3rd party

  14. ladieyasha

    I'm a Gemini rising. 🤗 Ready for this full moon ritual tonight so that all that you predicted will positively come to fruition. 🧘🏾‍♀️ Really hoping that a Sag/Capi☀️/Leo 🌚 returns. 🥰

  15. Bella Fowler

    You are so right. That man is fresh out of a hot boy summer. For me I had a be locked in this B's for 8 months he will have to do the same while I have my hot girl summer fall winter and spring . With no contact.
    Can any one say FREEEDOM

  16. Mary Beth L

    This does not resonate with me at all. I wish it did lol. Usually you are spot on for me, this time not at all. The good readings never seem to fit me lol. Life as a Cancer lol.

  17. Kitty Nekochan

    I'm hoping & praying for reconciliation & a fresh start with my DM Cancer 🙏☮🤝❤ I do love him, I forgive him & I want to rebuild my trust & our friendship because I believe we can have a bright, abundant, loving future together ☺💝🌹🌌🌠🦄 Lovely reading…much luv n' blessings 🙏💖😇🌹

  18. JlOVEra 89

    Cancer committed. ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Malle B

    Yes – loved the reading ❤️❤️

  20. Chasidy Turner

    Thank you so much! You’re such a blessing 💕

  21. Neha J

    Positive vibes ! Hope this happens 😊

  22. Kainaz Choksey


  23. Lisa Glaze

    Morning. Lets kick this day in the ass!!! Give me some positive vibes

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