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  1. Water and Fire Tarot

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  2. Karen Angelisa Shaw

    Than you for reading for Cancers! Unapologetically 😘

  3. Shelly

    Your reading is freaking awesome… Spot on! Nobody else spots everything like you do! You deserve full kudos for your insights and truthful candor.. love it! Thank you!!!

  4. Felicia Robertson

    This is true for me

  5. Josselyn Rashford

    A cancer dealing with a Leo who ghosted me a few days ago literally out of no where.

  6. Ruth Tyus

    Very accurate reading I'm starting to believe he was just apart of my life path a lesson I needed to learn a catalyst for my growth so I can move on to better what and who I'm destined to be with you !!!

  7. Cruella Devile

    Omg this was so spot on!! Ive been single almost 2 years now and just recently started dating a Taurus (it’s very new) and he seems too good to be true, adores me and tells me I’m everything he’s ever wanted and he wants to make me his… he’s very direct in the way he expresses his feelings to me… no game’s no bullshit, very genuine & to the point where it’s just a bit overwhelming, he’s like drowning me In love! HAHA.

    coming from such a horrible past long term relationship with a Sagittarius who royally betyrated me and treated me so poorly… I’m just on cloud 9.. it took meeting my Taurus to understand just how toxic my last relationship was with the sag.

    And when you mentioned the business collaboration that was crazy!! 🤯😱 He just opened a boutique and wanted me to work on this with him.

    I feel like since meeting him everything has been moving so incredibly fast, I feel like I can’t catch my breath. but even though it’s moving fast it feels right so we’re just rolling with it.

    Thank you for this reading.
    New subby! ♥️😇👏🏽🙏🏽☺️

  8. Lynn Cox

    As soon as you said "Just Vaped" I burst out laughing and hit like! Your style is like no other and I will be hitting you up very soon for a personal reading. I've been listening for a month or so and cannot believe your accuracy. Keep it going Girl and VAPE On! Woohooooo

  9. JOHNNY the HERO

    One of my favorite voices to enter my life. Love your reads, so accurate and speaking of water and fire, she's a Scorpio-Sagi, me a Cancer-Leo, everything you speak has happened or about to, she has been in and out of my life for 29 years, We are in our 40's, started when we were Freshmen. she plays games, red light stuff but no serious commitment so I said bye, I told her exactly wassup and she had no response. Now a new Sagi is coming in, WTF is up with Sagittarius

  10. Sandra McQueen

    You’re spot on for my situation and who gives a shit about over sensitive cross watchers

  11. Nikki Poseidon, Shiva

    You are sooo accurate, and I am following the light 🌈🌸🥰😎

  12. Blue Butterfly

    Thank you 🙏🏻 many blessings to you 🦋 he kept saying he loved me… suddenly walked away… and said “it’s hard to explain what I feel for you”. I’m moving forward…too much BS

  13. Miss Music

    Yep i ghosted gemini. He deserves it. About time i did too. Karma coming for him. Im out of the way for it.

  14. Christina Szymanski

    Cancer Moon 🙋🏻‍♀️

  15. Maria Ahlfors

    It's the water uber coming… LOL!!!! Thank you so much for this reading, spot on!

  16. Laura Witt Chandler

    I feel like that's my dad from the past?? Does that make sense? Thank you for the reading.

  17. Ashley Deleon

    I'm an aries dealing w a cancer. He was selfish in our relationship and cheated. He wants to reconcile but I'm not letting my guard down. Now he wants marriage. I'm doing things my way now. He doesnt want to let me go. He tells me I'm the one. But he betrayed me

  18. Sandy Baucom Muir

    Lol!! What an ending to the reading! I met a Sag yesterday, very promising. Kicking a arrogant Virgo to the curb. Spot on, thank you

  19. All Business Fitness

    It's windy here I'm laying under my covers and my feet smell like corn chips

  20. Destini Small

    Cancer sun and libra moon. The guy I’ve been dealing with is a libra and he ghosted me and it’s becoming cycle. I’m done with it.

  21. Aims Nielsen

    Met a Libra with player vibes right before Xmas & he chased hard before boxing day for vacay. Whirlwind but haven't heard anything since. Due home soon but unmatched me while away 😳 Wtf. Can resonate!! Thank you doll 🦄🙏💜

  22. Sunshine W

    You are stating all facts for me. Leo/Cancer dealing with Sag Thank u luv!

  23. Payton Place

    You are absolutely hilarious

  24. Carbie Doll

    You got it all right!! I took all my good energy back and I know he misses me, but I'm sure his lying, insecure azz and all his ugly options will be very happy together. I'm moving on to better and happier everything! ❤ #iamkingworthy #iloveme #next #nomorebs #shineon

  25. Lisagirl 143

    The best❤

  26. Katie Woods

    Boy Fuck you and yo mama ! Period ! 🤣 oh yea that me !

  27. feliciamayes mayes


  28. Charlene Dowling

    On point

  29. MsRosie37

    Im a cancer sun Leo moon and not been able to sleep the past 3 nights….completely drained

  30. sophia makes signs

    Cancer sun, Venus Mars. Leo moon. Scorpio rising…that's all I remember.

  31. Iris Ward

    Love your energy so much 🥰

  32. Lost Birds Production

    Cancer vs. Virgo = 7 1/2 years GONE.

  33. theodore lovesu

    Scorpio with an Aries rising, cancer moon. That Devil/Capricorn Venus can kiss my big fat ass. I hope he's miserable cuz he's dead to me.

  34. Captain Lee

    Last night was amazing for me I went dancing at a bar downtown by myself for the first time ever(21) I danced till the bit closed and I’m feelin like a new man

  35. Heather Smith

    Subscribed…water uber is right!

  36. Lori smith

    But I’ll claim it

  37. Lori smith

    The Taurus is the one that has me walking away

  38. Freddies Killerqueen

    What a BEAUTIFUL READING. and Very Accurate.. You are so cool . I hate to bring this up BUT has anyone ever told you that you look like Margot Robie. ??. She plays Sharron Tate on the movie "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood ". Sorry look it's a really big compliment because she's beautiful and so are you. Okay sorry I just had to tell you. LOL thank you for your time and energy for such a beautiful reading I did cut someone off and I know he's angry. And I'm not bothered by it. I came in to hear about the new person plus I love your Channel.🌹💖💖💖💖👑👑👑👑

  39. High Priestess Pisces Empress Moon

    Thanks, Mom!!!!! 💗 u hard back!!!!! Cuz you are one of just a few genuine readers who dont hold us hostage at vimeo 💋💋
    … and your attitude and energy are awesome!

  40. Rav3r916

    It's a water Uber!!!! YAAAAAAS!!! 😄 Thank you for sharing the messages with us. ❤️

  41. BJ

    Holy crap! This is spot on!!!!

  42. Barbara Brinson

    Yes definitely a Capricorn… yeh its the water uber!!! 😂 so done👏👏

  43. hasmik stuff

    viceversa, cancer was playing around, dating , i cut him off and now i know my worth

  44. Sequoia Moon Speaks

    LOL…I actually said "F&^K you and yo family". The ENTIRE family, LOL…


    ♋🦀💦 Love it! Thank you for the reading & for sharing your gifts & time! Peace, Love & Light. ☮️❤️🕯️

  46. Nancy Rositto

    This reading is for me!
    Thanks and love you!

  47. lil mama

    Yes Yes Yes and Yes! You just read my story. I was dealing with a Leo narciscisst…I walked aways in November and I blocked/deleted him from every means possible. It was very difficult at first and I really suffered in silence. However, I knew I had to do it for me because I value myself….that devil card always came up in my reading along with the fire sign. Once I began shifting my energy everything changed. This week after many years I was offered a promotion within my organization. Everyday I continue to pray because there are still remnants of him (the eight of swords) but I'm a Cancer and love hard…but I'm so much better than I was 2 months ago. Water and Fire Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!

  48. Kathy Kuehne

    So dead on as always! Thank you💕

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