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  1. jazzbacz28

    I'm a cancer and I'm good with separation/break-up from an arrogance batterer pisces psycho partner. I want a total package of freedom! And i'm standing on my ground. This reading really rocks!💕

  2. Claire De La Lune

    6yr wait for 🤰☹️

  3. Cool Cut Cartoon

    wolfedy wolf wolf

  4. Elsbeth Gross

    I have been dealing with a Wolf in Sheeps clothing on Ex, for a long time, and it's about to change, long over due. I m ending a comitment with a virgo.

  5. realwitcha1

    I claim this Divine message inside of me now in Jesus’s name amen. Thank you,

  6. Young Reborn Mommys with Abby and Emily

    Thank you! I have been asking God and the universe to intervene and help me and my kids leave the capricorn man 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Mompreneur Mentor

    My like was 222

  8. Lou Laraia

    Is it amethyst? It brings clarity and healing x

  9. Carol Machiatto

    I love your personality ! you're sassy lol but you also think deeply and I like how you did this reading, also the 3rd eye stuff was cool and resonated with me

  10. moon child

    Separated due ex wife got lawsuit gave me my coins and ghosted

  11. likewaterforchocolate

    I was waiting patiently for you. I was hoping you were well. I enjoy your readings so much. The only person whose message I trust.

  12. anartsil63

    I'm not dealing with anyone. I wont have the ex back. I'm healing and working on me. There was so much deception in the past and recent past that I don't even konw what I feel for the ex. Grateful for the reading💜

  13. Aly H

    damn that wolfshit was deep 🐺 n true

  14. Myah Myah

    Cancer rising. Thank you for the reading

  15. free spirit

    iam totally focusing on my self now life is too short to spend it in drama and with people who are draining you emotionally. iam done with the past finally and moving forward confidently towards my happiness

  16. TA TA

    I stop worrying I'm just focusing on me now

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