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  1. Verse 2 Verse Breakthrough Ent


  2. Gifted Beauty

    I keep hearing that I’m going to be having a baby girl 🥺😭 please no time soon though lol

  3. Kee783

    July 20th ✨💜

  4. Acaciamuhs

    July 16 💕

  5. Se Coya

    621 #cancergang

  6. Aisha Calderon

    Cancer ♋️ gang 7/5 🦀🦀🥳👑

  7. Foxey C

    Such a lovely reading!

  8. Jessica Barros

    July 17 1986 where’s my twin?

  9. Ashley Elizabeth


  10. Lily Combo gacha

    Beautiful reading!! Thank you 🙏🏿

  11. Jessica F

    Spot on…he’s my Capricorn soulmate ♥️♥️🙂. Getting a divorce from my cheating/controlling ex. We have children. This was the main reason I stayed as long as I did.

  12. woothang12000 Hunt

    July 06

  13. Vickie Messenger

    Gemini lady in love with Cancer man. He recently left his ex wife who is a Virgo. We are very happy indeed. Thank you✌️♥️♊️✨♋️🎉

  14. K S

    Yup ❤

  15. Vlinder 010

    Single for 20 years..and nobody around what so ever. My twin has better things to do(making money) than talking to me..Not a finger towards me..

  16. Mom Lindstrom

    Iam July 8

  17. Hernan Hernandez


  18. Laureen laureen

    Sounds like me n my Capricorn ❤️ I already have 2 girls I want a boy 🙏🏾

  19. mary stewart

    Right on I'm with a Leo man now he just not home with me yet so does mean he will be home with me soon ?

  20. mary stewart

    Right on the whole reading

  21. Alice Warren

    He came to me in April! But I was not into him! Saw him again and we are now together, after 6months! Virgo is the man and the other was an toxic Air Sign, that I ended on September 8th! Am soooooo happy now and relief! God is good 🙏! OMG 😍Your on point! He's a blessing to me ❤️! He's younger than me! Thank you! Your good! He is so sweet 💙

  22. Deborah TruthSeeker

    I am a very deep, intense Pisces, in LOVE with a Cancerian man. Unfortunately, he is an alcoholic.

  23. Zelma du Preez

    Just writing – Thank you so  much!!

  24. Danger Mouse

    Thanks for your energy
    great read ♥️👌🏻
    Love from Australia 🇦🇺

  25. Azzurebleu Tarot


  26. ShesPlusSize

    July 10th💓🤞🏾

  27. Melina Chaidemenos

    June 29

  28. Y-FLo


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