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  1. art angel

    Everyone doesn't have someone . I don't have anyone . im single single😭😭

  2. Mike Best

    Sal rules

  3. RuchiraaJ S.

    Next 30 people u will date ahhhahah🤣😝

  4. Ana Paula Brinker

    I need money and love ..

  5. Tayenda Denson

    Did anyone else go through 3 ads? Sheesh!

  6. pinkpanda x

    So this is my to be boyfriends zodiac sign..but i feel like you were talkibg about me wanting the love and not the glitter 🙄

  7. Carmelita Coto

    Woow✨✨✨💞💸🙏I accept, thanks for happier reading Sal!

  8. Tarrick Gan

    So on point

  9. Tarrick Gan

    It's amazing how amazing you are sal! Excellent read!

  10. Meme Ganzan

    Thank you sal good reading 🥀♥️♥️🌟🌟♥️♥️🥀

  11. Meme Ganzan

    That’s true sal I want love I don’t want anything I want love only 🥀♥️🌟♥️🥀

  12. Michelle Jackson


  13. Yesenia Yanez

    I just clicked on the video and it’s 666 views. I’m a Cancer (moon) To be honest nothing ever happens to me in regards of the readings 😂.. That’s right!!! we are not talking, it’s been 3 weeks

  14. Nivethan Jeyaraj

    Thank you 🙏

  15. RuthlessLove 88

    I’m getting this with a new healthy whole generous wise loving person 👁

  16. Diane Mullooly

    Thanks for the reading Sal. Love the cards! xxx

  17. blissellie

    300 yeasssss

  18. Helen J. Goh


  19. Lil Bit

    lol – I do not have the energy to date 30 more people lmao!!

  20. Julien Angelov

    I met someone (sagittarius) and it was a great click between us.It also happened that this person is very wealthy. The only problems is that we live 8000 miles from each other 😭😊 so, I don't know what will happen.

  21. Gwen Delighted

    One thing about me! I was never about the money it will come! Yes I know my value! Aww..Thank You 💋♋💯

  22. mary stewart

    Right on cause I'm a cancer woman and with a Leo man

  23. Bri Fnic

    👀Awe I'm not seeing any of this….sounds exciting..oh if it's a Leo opps I was bold and closed that door yea your right that was glitter.. my blessing are abundantly growing but not relationship wise but I love myself more so I'll except that.

  24. Shadiieyah Ayesha Siddique

    Thankyou sal😘🥰😍

  25. sarah alnd

    Sal can you please download the other videos ,,please

  26. A. Taye

    Love is all we need….so much gratitude of how magical life has been, and continues to be!

  27. R-Dre Nelson

    🤗 wasn't expecting for my ❤️ to be in victory with someone…lol…. just over whelm and shocking…my ancestors told me it's gonna be sooo unexpected and they won't tell me who 😍 just that he always likes wearing sunglasses and in the dark too…lol… spoiled alert!…thanks sal… your readings always on the spot!

  28. sarah Pitman

    Isn't it odd though, how we look at the planets above us, and think the pivot point is ourselves?

  29. oshandi madawala

    Thank u sal❤

  30. Hello Hello

    Thank you sal..

  31. Yesha Shah

    Can this be vicebversa. Can this be my energy?? The guy I m crosswatching is younger leo sun, cancer rising, virgo moon… He was so confused dnt kno if he was a karmic.. But i feel him so strongly connected to me

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