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  1. WhatwouldPICARDdo Makeitso

    Thank you jodi. Me and my twin flame merge spiritually,even my friend saw it as it happened recently. She believed he came for comfort as split from karmic.I believe that's what you was describing.we are not in physical union yet but I know it's close. I agree that it will have a effect on not just us but vibrate out to others,his line of work is with relationships and I believe the Divine wants the vibration to be like the pebble creating the ripple in a Pond. I don't know his sign, but spirit told me to follow Pisces ,I've just come from your reading of pisces and I was shaking ..well more vibrating as you read , what you said is how I see myself when we meet again.When I first met him it felt like every single one of my cells started to vibrate,I couldn't breathe I thought I was near collapse and that was just walking past him when he said hello . it was so spiritual .when you read Pisces I started to have the same thing my cells vibrating ..not had that for many years.Another time years ago I met him and I saw the portal open and shine on us. I ran and I ran because I was so overwhelmed .he looked for me and started to walk towards me and I had another sign and I couldn't cope and I turned my back on him literally.if he knew just how much I wanted him …but my body language told him something completely different,that was many years ago ..oh the regrets…funny I thought I was the chaser because how strongly I felt for years but guess I was the runner 👠👠👠. I didn't know what I have learnt now on this journey all these years later.
    you mentioned portal in this or Pisces reading. 💛
    as much as I want this for me I so want this for everyone who also wants this. But hope their union is faster than mine,it's taken many years. But I'm finally ready …had many lessons to learn by others first. I'm not running again.
    There is an old Persian saying…Why seek paradise it is before me now. 💛
    That's how I feel about him. I pray to spirit I don't mess it up again. 😀 . Thank you Jodi and spirit and the Divine.💛💛💛💋❤️✨💐🌻

  2. Lynda Ware

    Thank you Jodi, so accurate !! I am working on a creative endeavor & fundraising… it's been a 5 year project, not sure who is watching though…..

  3. Maria Moura

    It's happening! Now! Amazing 💜 Thku 😊🐦🌺

  4. Angel Guided333

    If any King's approach this Queen, they should have proper identification! 😁😉🙏

  5. Angel Guided333

    Oh Jodi, you are so gifted! I am this story, in every sense of the matter, but I am not accepting anyone in my life until my mission is completed. 😘🙏🌊⏰🚣‍♀️🐝🦋💞🙏

  6. Keri West

    Nailed it

  7. Vanessa LibraCancerAquarius

    Cancer is my moon sign.
    Thanks Jodi💕

  8. Jodi Stadeli Mahoney

    Reading starts at 2:50

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