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  1. Karen Kingsbury

    Sooo good,Thank You, great voice as well!

  2. Mara Althea

    i still love my pisces ex even if he hurt me many times. 🙁 i need to let go of the toxicity though

  3. Logical Human

    He's an aries he got a girlfriend after our date…I told him to never talk to me again..

  4. Kkkkatie H

    This is exactly my life at this time. I’m looking for the signs 💔

  5. Patricia Wallace

    i choose you my love i promise

  6. Patricia Wallace

    thank you for existing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. fairy dust

    Where did you get your table tapestry i need one for my Altar

  8. Tayunna Lawrence

    Tayunna female Gemini Twin Flames with Paul male Cancer 💕

  9. Tayunna Lawrence

    Tayunna female Gemini Twin Flame with Paul male Cancer ❤️

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