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  1. D'Angela Marx

    @5:16 I love the way he shakes the cards for added attitude.

  2. Belinda Coppin

    Typical Scorpio…Sal😜

  3. Cancer Gal

    Wow. So on point.

  4. delafruze

    haha I love the reads you do its so much gun to receive the positive attitude and your fun comments which gives me the power tokick start my day..I love the way u spk..god bless

  5. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    If the earth sign girl wants to reconcile with me then I will take her up on her offer

  6. MM Magbanua

    OMG I'm an AVID viewer/fan/subscriber/etc!😍 confirmed! I love it~ "isang linggong pag-ibig" 😄😄😄 you are A for Amaaazing, Adorable, Animated AWESOME Sal!💕 kypl😆

  7. Manuela Frank

    Sal are you half chinese?

  8. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    Didn't build the structure of the relationship like I did she didn't do nothing

  9. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    I don't make excuses

  10. WordPress Website Designer -Freelancer

    I love him but he can't have me in that situation.

  11. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    What 2 people I don't have two people

  12. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    Yep cause the bitch has a drinking problem

  13. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    Sorry my ass she knew she was doing sure in the hell ain't going to guilt trip me cause I didn't do anything wrong

  14. Yesha Shah

    Scorpio, pisces crosswatcher.. Energies are reversed.. He always turns up after breaking up.. He did so yesterday persuading me to start over again… Last chance he is getting to prove himself…

  15. Ericka Gemal

    I knew it that I’m drawn to your readings. There’s something about you and you actually reminded me about my close friend who passed away. And also, you get to cheer me up. ☺️😂

  16. Ericka Gemal

    Isang linggong pag ibig 😂😂😂 but I dont think that part resonates but you’re always awesome lol

  17. Cher Ramos

    Spot on Sal i just gave up on him because he doesn't have time on me😔

  18. Alysia Villanueva

    Recent ex libra won't help me with shit or kids cuz they gt new gf aftet hvn multiple options aaaaaand they wnt talk to me and had balls to do all this within 3 months and brought out baby around her aaaaaand moved in together theres no coming bk from all that they made their choice and im still hurting Saturn planet of karma been killing him 🤣🤣👀I been being rewarded and silent and Libra said they made their choice anf said they're gonna bring r son around her and threat me with court I'll b fine they'll suffer 🤷💯😉

  19. ItsJessica Tv

    I manifesting my good karma husband that will treat me right support me uplift me love me share with me build with me… This cancer is dead to me he wasn't shit. In order to move on I need to let go. He will regret it for the rest of his life

  20. Maria St

    Is vice versa 👌🏻 I am a cancer is a Sagittarius

  21. Patricia Riley

    Sagittarius woman was dealing with a cancer man was a player but he put his attention on everyone else so fuck it I'm done u on point

  22. Patricia Riley

    I'll let u Kno when I make it back

  23. KristineMomoa

    I was so stupid for trusting. I forget what he did in the past and his doing it again. Im done

  24. Patrice Fields

    To be honest I really want to kill long as I don't have to deal with a headache I love my Taurus and I love a Pisces now
    Will work out but he don't want a relationship either he said but I think my intuition is telling me something that's totally about this new Pisces that I'm talking to cuz he's different from my ex and he's a Pisces the guy I was seeing for about a year-and-a-half never really gave me a chance he always played at mind-games so I'm done I might be a cancer I might be a little Moody and a bit emotional I have learned to control my emotions but any of these two guys I just mentioned in mythey would have been the most happiest man on Earth but they would have had me they don't know what real love is and all I'm looking for real love

  25. Ahnun Ymuse

    Im manifesting a ji in as my familiar. Lmao.

  26. Tracie Norris

    I'm a pisces hes the cancer and he was the player. I kicked him to the curb POW hes gone

  27. jasmina sm

    What is the deck you are using for this reading??

  28. Heather Roose

    Guess what I solved the issue. Tinder and Hinge. I can get a new dude and figure out his lies lol. Eff that idiot.

  29. NaraNara Mango

    Classic love drama.. 😂

  30. Faye Ann Acuram

    Isang linggong pag ibig nice hehehe

  31. Ana Paula Brinker

    Very tired of Capri.

  32. Tiffany Square

    I just love you. You add some humor which is much needed when doing a reading:) and you’re very GOOD!

  33. Intellectual Wanderer

    Remember to hit the like button!!!!!!

  34. Blueangl Xxx

    3:08 reading starts 😉

  35. Shanna Daniels


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