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  1. The Rosy Tarot

    ❤️Happy 2020❤️
    Enjoy 20% off ALL personal readings!!!

  2. mightytaiger

    I love this concept! So glad you’re back!✨

  3. Melissa maldonado

    How do I know if this reading is for me. my rising is in Capricorn , Mercury and sun is in cancer ?? 👀

  4. Edi Finamore


  5. Joe Townsend

    I just want to say what a beautiful soul you are inside and out. I hear the passion and sincerity in your voice while watching your readings and it keeps me coming back! You are always spot on and I want to believe what you are saying is so true (although I have not spoken to my person in almost a year due to third party situations and gossip that turned him from me) … I do believe its more so his own baggage and demons he needs to face (as well as I do) and its kept us apart. I want to thank you for your readings and will always give you that LIKE to all of your vids!

  6. Citlali Hernandez

    You are so right girl every word litterly a stubborn ass scorpio . 😭

  7. flippinmentalist1

    I had already decided to wait for him. Been waiting quite a long time but my intuition tells me it will be worth it

  8. flippinmentalist1

    Your my favourite reader along with Aquamoonlight who is also fab

  9. flippinmentalist1

    God your good. I lost you for months, couldn't remember your name them miraculously you appeared and you are soooooooooo accurate. You describe my Leo better than a psychologist. Thank you. I need to hear this because I think I'm totally mentally for hanging in here but I get it and I get him and I love him despite all this fucking nonsense

  10. Katrina Love & Light

    Wow!!! I am a Cancer sun Gemini moon and Venus Leo. My ex of over a year now is a Scorpio. We were together for almost 8 years. I am so broken and unhappy being away from him. We have reconnected since the breakup, he has went ghost on me. I have tried to reach out to him and communicate but he doesn't respond. I have to get through this and move on with my life. I dream of him and my soul is hurt💔 I am connecting with a Gemini now and I don't know why I can't give my all to him. Thank you, for sharing your beautiful gift!!! Much love and light to everyone 🙏🏿❤️😍

  11. Suzy x

    Aww. There is only love, and peace in my ❤. Pray who I am thinking about is ok, he is a beautiful person. Ty 😉 agree that is what makes you stuck, follow your heart and gut. What feels better restriction, or going with where you are guided? Be Free and have faith. That is a lesson but also the lesson may be self love. Do you live your life according to your own heart,soul and what makes you happy abundant or do you carry the burden of others? The choice is always love ❤

  12. Robin

    💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥this is my story with my Libra. Sadly the feelings are mutual and all he needs to do is come forward. I know he will. He's my person🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  13. Ghizlan Mezian

    And with you saying time is running out and the person is in a panic is scarily true!! Just before new year I let my Virgo man know I need to make a decision about us, and know if he’s willing to let me in because I feel pushed away. And he was so upset to lose me and said the thought of losing me surpasses any sort of trauma. We’re waiting to meet up but since our convo he’s been more quiet and I’m scared he might not be willing to let me in anymore.

  14. Ghizlan Mezian

    Only 12 minutes in and every word is so accurate. Cancer sun, Scorpio moon and Aries rising dealing with a Virgo man. We love each other but he’s dealing with heavy past trauma, i know he wants to be with me so I’ll wait for him. As long as he tries to let me in and somehow is willing to open up I know I won’t give up on this. I don’t want to give up on this.

  15. FOMO NYC

    I’m in the middle of the video and shocked already. It’s exactly this

  16. earth angel

    Your message rang true to me . Love your reading

  17. Annabel Araico

    Spot on!! Waw !! Thanks for the reading i guess I really needed to get clear about it

  18. Beth C

    Oh shit… I’m claiming this one for the Aquarius crosswatchers… 😭🤦🏻‍♀️

    Edit: I’m now crying…

  19. Annika Skywalker

    why u gotta call out this crosswatcher like that!?? lol

  20. sandrazee 0000

    Taurus pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeas 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  21. Syd Buchanan

    Crosswatcher here dating a cancer. You legit read me like a book. Everything was 100% accurate and I promise to do better for my cancer ❤️

  22. kathleen

    Thank you 💕 this could have been my personal reading 💕☺️

  23. Laurie Hoffman

    Omg this is so my life right now and I believe that the universe is working on him…thank you

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