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  1. Gillian Hermann

    this is so accurate

  2. Elisa Luna69 Camara

    He end this relationship! He lie yes iknow .
    He broke me I was so sad . Aquarius! We not talk more an year

  3. Ray Brown

    Crazy, but yes it resonates with this Cancer man, my best friend sister capricorn woman. She don't know what she had with this Cancer.

  4. Starlight Shadow

    There’s a Gemini who’s a celebrity that I was really, really, really into & was just as much into me, thought we would marry & have a family. But instead, he just kept/keeps taking in every 3rd party sitch that is offered to him, instead of taking up my offer, which I knew he wanted, the most. But he played games, thought I’d hang around to take it forever. So, I straight up literally blocked him on social media, yesterday. I know he’s been hurt from previous relationships, but hey… WE ALL GET HURT!! So, Idk, I guess I lack sympathy for having to have dealt with this garbage for so long.

  5. Mansa Patricia

    Resonated 100%

  6. Mansa Patricia

    I surly ended it , too much drama shadiness and so forth.

  7. Mansa Patricia

    Very very well resonated

  8. Frozen Fire

    It's like you're reading our life stories cancer and Pisces.

  9. Isabel Relucio

    Thanks ,it resonates!

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