Cancer* in love* "We should be together baby, but we will not"… July 19th – August 19th

2019-07-25 Cancer Comment 12

Hi! Welcome to my lovely cancer family! Let's take a look at what the Buck Moon of Capricorn will bring to us this month… This is the monthly love range you fall in love with cancer. * … Click here!Amazing Horoscope Step-by-step Dating Guide For Women Interested In Better Understanding A Cancer Man..


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  1. Jess Aleman

    He’s from NY. — Cancer Moon 🌚 here! Long distance relationship.

  2. Shining Star

    Once I saw that he plays mind games intentionally pretending to be the one scared of getting hurt I got turned the hell off. I don't have time nor love for stupid acting manchildren. I'm too grown for bs. My message to them is "……………….."

  3. Monie Doll

    My husband is a cancer divorce almost final talking to a Gemini

  4. Monie Doll

    I sm October 28 cancer moon Leo rising i am speechless you ate on point .thank you also i am a seamstress .just wow .thank you.

  5. Shante Tyler

    Song is by Macy Gray called "I try"

  6. Anil k george

    This resonates with me I love your reading and I am heading towards my Soulmate forever.

  7. My lil vids -pug it

    Yes everything resonates. I feel so weak and lost and can’t sleep

  8. My lil vids -pug it

    This is my life I’m Angelina Thumbalina. Thank u I’m trying to find strength

  9. Mel Gon

    Your amazing !! Leo crosshatching, my cancer is an emotional rollercoaster, he blocked me but still stalks me after picking a fight for attention

  10. Eli Huerta

    Reading was literally on point for Cancer.

  11. Ayshea Richards

    the song is by Macy Gray . having problems with an ex . i closed that door today he offered me friendship and i wanted more . but its gone dead and dusted . hes an idiot . keeps bouncing back my way every few days . i told him to stay away . as hes hurting me

  12. Shams Rumi

    Thank you for this read. Needed to hear this.

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