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  1. Nicholas Ashbaugh

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  2. Mansa Patricia

    Adorable xxx

  3. Mansa Patricia

    100 % resonated honestly thanks so much blessings. Xxx

  4. Mansa Patricia

    Absolutely absolutely true on point.

  5. Mansa Patricia

    Very very satisfied with this reading . thanks so much. Xxxx

  6. Mansa Patricia

    Absolutely absolutely a situation am going through right now.

  7. Mansa Patricia

    Resonated resonated honestly thanks absolutely going through this .

  8. Ruby Bayan

    I love how organize you are and summarizing at the end. THANK YOU!! You were so right on.

  9. Rav3r916

    Thank you, Nicholas! 🙇🙏🍁🧡

  10. Shelley Shellibeane

    Thank you and bless you.

  11. Shaun Russell

    🙏🏻 from the beginning you’re channeled intention to our voice and throat chakra really resonates and made me tear up!! Thanks for that🙏🏻🙏🏻☺️✨

  12. shana randolph

    Thank you ❤

  13. Knowledge is Power

    The hanged man in reverse looks like he's dancing! 🕺🏼♋🦀🎵🧡

  14. Kathleen Leonard

    As always a very thought provoking reading….Thanks so very much Nicholas. Peace, love and many blessings……

  15. Jody Green

    My Mother her birthday is October 5th! She was the closest thing to Jesus I Ever knew on this earth!

  16. Jody Green

    Love it!

  17. Nesibe Balta

    Thank you very much. This reading reminds me of the song "I grieve" (Peter Gabriel). You give ppl do much hope, thank you again. Wish you the best.

  18. Gabriela Gaby

    thanks. ..i m from romania. .i watch y All the time

  19. Janet Ell

    Many blessings & thankyou for your reading àtm im waiting to moove hse & state also awaiting surgery November! + 8months free from a 6yr totaly toxic rlt'ship. Awaiting the X toxic partner to finaly pick up & collect his belongings( which does have me a lil aggitated coz of taking s'long) ..
    healing also from the loss of both that & the passing over of my dear mother!!.all at the same time!! his behavior n me me finaly prooving & finding out abt all his deciets etc was the final nail thru the topo my head abt our so called one sided (mine) relationship! & your also right my journey since childhood was.. & has not been easy one. However im happily mooving fwd & onto a brighter & much better future free from all negativity & toxicities of said past r'ltship.
    Blessings to you & everyone upon your own journeys paths.💫😇💫💥😊🙃🤗💜💙💚💛❤💘😙🕊


    Your reading resignated with so much going on in my life…I was wand up and realized I need to take back my power and go with the flow, stay grounded and find balance to move up the mountain step by step. Thank you so much for your readings. NAMASTE

  21. steve barnes

    Damn Nick!! Damn!👊🏾💯

  22. Crab and Moon

    So grateful for the time and energy you put into your channel. Your readings are genuine, insightful and comprehensive. Thank you!

  23. Talk intuitive with Jen

    Wow you are amazing, thank you for sharing these messages <3 <3

  24. Carressa Treat

    Thank you! Subscribed!

  25. Catarina Sundvall

    Thank you Nichlas a big support from this reading. Its been "alot of repetings" But also movevment in A higher directin We All have to make A New Directins i our life Right now, cant wate for someting -To happends , Selfresponsobillity.

  26. Christina Rios

    Awesome! Thank you. 👏

  27. pupito ruthie

    Thank you

  28. Miriam Garcia

    Thank you God bless you well appreciated💓

  29. Scott Daris

    But every time I lie down like your dog, legs up and open, they call the cops 😜 Thanks again for another great read.

  30. Massage Me

    Thank you for shining your light to help the rest of us shine brighter. Very informative and therapeutic read. I greatly appreciate the options of how to say things and how to address things to give myself time. I will be watching again to absorb all the wisdom and love. I'm grateful for your gifts and time!

  31. Theresa Giannette

    Thank you Nicholas Many blessings 🦀❤️🦀

  32. Crab369

    Definitely true to my work situation..need to move on! I had Ascending mountain card last month too!

  33. J R

    Thank you 🙏🏼

  34. Yelle J

    respect … you tell people what they need to hear not what they want to hear… YASSSS

  35. Rosie Factora

    Very awesome! Thank you!

  36. Blue Butterfly

    Thank you 🦀🌺💕 ur reading made me cry. I’m meeting my father this week. He left when I was a child and that affects my sense of worth until today. I haven’t seen him for 4 yrs.

  37. Lucy Bernacki

    Thanks for the view of Apollo too. I do love seeing him in the background. 😁

  38. Lucy Bernacki

    Amazing reading. Thank you Nicholas.

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