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  1. Sean T

    Who every disliked is no human being

  2. AxelStrat

    Congrats for beating cancer man. I know exactly what you're talking about because I has testicular cancer too. I had to extract the left testicle and do two cycles of chemo. I saw your video when I was going though everything and it help a lot. Now that I am cancer free, I have a new perspective on life and have been doing exactly what you said; live your life to the fullest. I hope that we can chat someday and perhaps join forces to bring awareness and help others going though this scary ordeal.

    Keep it up brother, and thank you.

    Alex Weber
    CEO AxelStrat

  3. Damien Klijn

    You are a good person man keep it up like this

  4. Cascale Music

    a cure for cancer… YAYAGAGSGSKANA


    U r so positive man … i love that

  6. Mar cry


  7. Christopher Hawley

    Hi furious my name is Chris in 2012 I was in accident and then the doctors said I would not live and I did and I had to stop everything fun but that doesn't stop me from anything.

  8. Koshesha Pradhan


  9. Riad Tigh

    You are the best dude

  10. John Moruzzi


  11. Najeeb Al Haddad

    I’m very very happy for you

  12. Najeeb Al Haddad


  13. Amela Okanovic

    Awesome 😘

  14. JessicaMarie Love

    Congratulations FuriousPete
    You did it and I'm so proud of you.
    Keep up the good work. You actually opened my eyes to do better with my life for myself and my son. You truly are an inspiration to all of us. God bless you and your family may you always stay forever cancer free.

  15. Jorgo Simonidhi

    I am so glad he's cancer free! How can people not want him to be healed!?!

  16. Jeffrey Jones

    Fricken love this, man. You're an inspiration.

  17. Esther Janssen

    Amen pete i won my. cancer battle too stay sexy🙏

  18. white feathered firebird

    love your videos stay strong my friend and just remember all the people that you have helped go through this just knowing and actually see you go through it

  19. Anwar Alami

    Very urgent and important message to you Man , stop eating junk food and think about staying away from acidic food . and go alkaline food because according to many doctors and scientists cancer cant live in an alkaline bodies and the best thing to alkaline you blood is the baking soda check the youtube for the benefits of the baking soda . take care

  20. Gaming Central


  21. Colin Campbell

    Look up "premature" in the dictionary and I'm pretty sure this video will show up.

  22. Kevon Bryan

    great news buddy!!

  23. Wei-Ru Chang

    You do what you want to do to the fullest, that I can tell. I am going to watch this video whenever I am struggling. Thanks Pete.

  24. Nathan Dailo

    700 dislikes? WTF PEOPLE?

  25. Zabiah Taylor


  26. Todd Combs

    i love your ball

  27. tony mathew

    My friend who have cancer ! and he was in pain not bcoz of cancer !! just bcoz her GF left him coz he have cancer ! i guess life in unfair sometimes !!

  28. Amy Ngu


  29. Visiteur Visiteur

    I hope you're gonna die from your cancer.

  30. Davis Mavis

    If you can take down cancer like you can take down a 10lb burrito, man you prove that anything can be conquered. Congrats Furious Pete!

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