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  1. Renee Lindley

    Scorpio ♏ Sun, Cancer♋ Rising and Moon and Venus in Libra♎ totally resonates with me

  2. TheJuiceBoxDiaries

    July 15th dealt with a extremely bad relationship with a Gemini. He was never wrong and put me through hell…It was so bad I had to leave out of fear and feeling trapped. I woke up every day in turmoil and sadness. When I wanted to grow he would stop me in my tracks every time. I’m with my family and I have the love an support I need to grow and prosper. He’s not happy about it at all now I’m still going through it because he won’t stop lawyers are involved because we have a child. I do not want him ever…he’s to self centered and I deserve happiness with someone that loves me back.

  3. anna M

    There are a lot of people out there who were unfair to me. I do not need an apology from any of them. I gave my self a closure.

  4. alexis pelt

    I keep losing my train of thought to

  5. LadyLunaSea

    My person is my tf Virgo for the last 45 years in seperation.

  6. Augusto Gomes

    That happened to me! Im waiting my twin soul since 2005. Its a long love history. I had to change my job 360degrees. I had to go to another country. I came back to my country last year. Finally my twin soul awakened from the bad decision in the past. Now is seeing me. We had sporadic contacts during 15 years because I never quited, but I was always rejected. Last month I met my love and I stayed very admired. My twin soul was so attentious with me. We went to have a Lunch, I was invited to go in it car. For me was a gift of God. The last time I went on it car was 15 years ago. Can you imagin my happiness? Is comming to me! After 15 years waiting for my twin soul. I love my twin and I always knew that i was loved to. I know true love and happiness is comming. We suffered a lot. We were divided by an energy. But we both had to learn. No my twin soul knows that my love is real and is not obssecion. Its unconditional love. This 15 years I let my twin soul live other relation, waiting till its awakening. Was a hard journey.

  7. Julie Tigermoon


  8. megan crowley

    Thats CRAZY.last year my boyfriend was killed.i got arrested for drinking and driving and lost my job.thats as far into the reading ive gotten so far but i just wanted to say wow holy shit youre good.thats fuckin crazy😱

  9. T. Y. B.

    I will never forgive. If he was smart he would stay away from me. I am healed and the door will remain closed to him forever. He is dead to me period. I hope he gets arrested and rots in jail or hell preferably.

  10. oOEmptyMirrorOo

    hard for me to understand…because he is a cancer (with gemini Venus), the other Woman is a cancer… and i‘m a gemini Cross watcher…

  11. Earth Mum

    so so nice

  12. Ameera Renée

    Amazing ❤️

  13. Desiree Lee

    July 13th cancer🙋

  14. Patricia Cecilia Blanco

    Hi beautiful thank you blessings

  15. Cheroux Delight

    So very true…things happen for a reason to set you onto your better path…or remove people from your life that block your blessings….

  16. Debbie dragon

    A friend and someone I think who is my soul mate . He is in the military and was hurt shot in the leg and lost his phone so it been a month and I haven't heard a word . He has a son who bipolar and 15 yr. We were sop post to move in together and have a life so  I am hoping he will show up and start our future  and  if not I will be forced to move on due to the fact I have not heard a word

  17. Catherine Fleming

    Thankyou sincerely!! God bless you 🙏🙏🙏💞🙏🙏🙏

  18. Catherine Fleming

    It's too late for him to be with me. He had every opportunity tj nsje things right, but he didnt, he flirted with other women, slept with them but denied it every time. I don't want him. I've had enough, and enough is enough for me . He can walk away as I HAVE!!

  19. Catherine Fleming

    Guided Angel. I ended a relationship for final, I'd ended it before, but with a death in his family,I I put it aside. But the reason was for compulsive cheating to me over the years and I just couldn't take anymore. But he now knows its over, and no more going back to be 3rd party I've moved on. No more going back to a toxic relationship. Its finalised. He's an Aquarius, U dint want him back, I was out of picket with this guy, for what? Treated 2nd best, not for me !! Thanks for the readung, your open as a book, my type if Tarot reader 💞⚘💐👍🙏🙏🙏🌺💎💎💎💎💞💞

  20. Janet Ell

    Blessed be 🐝thankyou🤗 for such a beautifull reading many blessings 💫😇💫to you 😇& one & all💫😇💫 upon your journeys paths👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣
    This 🦀 is finally mooving on to a better life without the X & all the 3rd party toxicities of the past 6 yrs… it's def taken its toll alongside many other normal family things & health t deal with along the ways..yes atm there are 2 of my adult children that are not quite seeing eye to eye & as per say..& az per usual ..(mum)..
    Thats me…I'm in the middle..
    Lol. Something us mums least of all us🦀🦀🦀🦀 out here have to deal with.. lol..part n parcel of motherhood..goes with the territory.. lol.. 💫😇🤗💫💛💚💙💜❤💥💣🙃😊❤💜💙💚💛💕

  21. Gladys Bursey

    You reading me..I left my job things happen that was unfair. All I was doing my job. Thank you for this beautful reading.

  22. Wyld Wood

    First time here…such a good reading!! You saw so much of my life…am coming out of the deep dark forest ✅✅✅

  23. Kristina Crowther

    Your really good.

  24. amanda M

    Scorpio for me ended in divorce…ex husband is Scorpio

  25. Clemzon Arellano

    I just lost my baby😢😢 until now can’t moved on. I’m married in Sagittarius my bday is July 14, 1994

  26. Claire De La Lune

    been waiting 6yrs for pregnancy

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