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  1. Yen G

    Self – Mastery Determined💯💫

  2. Noob Raider

    Live it love it it is yours ment to be. Very Beautiful messages. Thank you


    Girl, you and this background is mind blowing ,it's Perfection ,love your top , I swear you look like you are really in space ,5stars 5 🌟 5♥️

  4. Moon Child

    I want to leave my job situation but dont have a plan and its eating me up because I want to leave asap

  5. Hathor Zamar

    I'm praying for this new career to come through this month! Yes I accept this reading 😊

  6. Seven

    Um, I was going to buy a car from my dad and he's decided to just give it to me.

  7. debz554

    Wow thank you so much. Can't wait. I've been patiently waiting for a while. And yes, I do feel it's time 🙂🕊️❤️🧚

  8. Jessica Wood

    Oh my, cute tank! Ok… over to sadgie 🌟

  9. Dubb Waikas

    Thank you for a great reading. 😁

  10. Theresa Giannette

    Thank you and many blessings 🦀❤️🦀

  11. chitra wickram

    Thank you for the reading.

  12. Flow Withit

    Great backdrop !

  13. The Spring

    Amazing reading explained in a good way.love and Blessings!

  14. Rebecca Saxon

    That was so positive and such a mirror for what I am going through. I started crying when you read the Rumi card. It has been a rough road and I have not given up and things are starting to manifest, finally…. and I can feel great expansion around the corner, in my heart. Thank you.

  15. Crypto Planet

    🙏 Thank you.

  16. mia Williams

    Thank you very much.this message was much needed. Wow.😮😮😮🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖💖 yes i have been given a opportunity to move and relocate .i admit i wasnt sure if the rental company was being on the up and up with me , but now i do have more clarity than before. Amazing .you hit the bull's eye. 😀😀😀😀😀

  17. Miss Davids

    I love your top.

  18. Câncer 10 - C76.0


  19. KellyByoga

    Huge AMAZING career/vocation opportunity that is a dream opportunity where I’ll be travelling, teaching, public speaking and studying was offered back in July but seemed to be put on hold due to investor and I’ve been waiting for this dream to manifest!! I hope this is THE MONTH!!! I trust and know it will happen at some point! 💜

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