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  1. kirsten meadows

    DEAD ON.

  2. steve harvey

    NO….the blockage is that she is MARRIED…..so forget it….extremely strong soul mate connection…can't take action…not messing with a MARRIED woman (Bad Karma)!!!

  3. Serenity Silverwolf

    Wow. I'm a cross watcher and my twin is Cancer, I'm a Capricorn. You are right on the money. We both hurt each other. We broke up 4 months ago and now we're both like deer caught in headlights around each other. We have tried to speak our truths to each other, but our truths hurt each other so we're doing this dance of trying to heal, then getting hurt and running away.

  4. Yolene Conte

    You have a way to read… Wow. Easy words, true, and very helpful. You reassure a lot. So thank you ❤️

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