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  1. Fire & Water Intuition Tarot

    Cancer sun…. resonates, thank you ❤

  2. Dayna Charlton


  3. Dayna Charlton

    This sucked

  4. soleil22 soleil22


  5. realwitcha1

    Yaaaza! Bring it on Divine.😊

  6. Beyond Blessed

    Yes aries put me in a 3 party situation he cheated with a leo so no I dont trust him at all

  7. Chimere Brooks

    We love so hard why cant someone be real why is it that we always gotta learn a fucking lesson wtf is that about fuck love

  8. Moon beams tarot Tiffany wells

    Ty ❤️

  9. Jasmine Nicole

    This was freakishly and uncomfortably accurate. Amazing reading! I’m a baby Wiccan still practicing working with tarot and oracle cards. I will definitely be taking tips from you! Thank you for this! ❤️

  10. Brenda Fernandez

    Thank you❤️

  11. Rosie Alverdes

    I can't believe how much this fits. I am a Cancer sun, he is a Taurus. It did go kinda fast with us, dated for about 3 months and things progressed quickly. We had a grear connection and crazy chemistry. Haven"t heard from him for about 2 weeks now, so we will see what happens. Very heartbroken and anxious. (It would be nice if I could win the Romance Angels Deck. Thak you very much!). Enjoy your readings, you are always on point!

  12. anartsil63

    He is my karmic not my soulmate. Grateful for the reading dear 💜 I would love to win the Romance Angels deck 💜💜💜

  13. Shay Harkenreader-ortiz

    Love ❤️ your readings would love to win romance tarot

  14. Tarsha Watkins

    Beautiful messages with beautiful cards and reader! 🥰 Yes I would be very interested and grateful to win the romance cards.. thank you for the opportunity.

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