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  2. Miss Music

    Exactly… But that will be the reason why he looses me…

  3. Alysia Villanueva

    I'm almost positive the younger fire sign is our recent ex new partner 3rd party been popping up since like nov or dec I must HV been in 3rd party for a while

  4. Gwen Delighted

    I'm the 69 commenter! LMBO!
    I'm cancer i like to laugh!
    Laughter is good for the soul Sal.

  5. Gina Manganip


  6. Sunshine Glow

    I’ll give him a swift kick in his ass, we work together or nothing at all 💯 I’m not fixing these women’s broken sons.

  7. Sunshine Glow

    Wow 😳 accuracies

  8. Ashee-qah Arendsee

    Ahahahahaha… Sal is so funny and accurate.

  9. Captain Lee

    You are hilarious and just become the first you tuber I’m actually turning on notifications for, I’m a sun and rising Cancer, Gemini moon

  10. Captain Lee

    That starting commercial was fabulous dude, literally cinema quality content just outta the blue, OM SHRING HRING KLING HAGARAKAEBU KALEANA GANAPATE YE VARA VARDA SARVA JANUM ME VASHA MENAYA SWAHA

  11. Ericka Gemal

    Again.always so point! Yep, my person has always been so stubborn! I tried to help or even give advice to at least learn frome what I’m tryna give and yeah I can feel that all those are just being taken set aside. LDR as well. It’s so difficult. Still hopeful tho

  12. 아이이바스코준

    Yes and he has a lot of KABIT, collection. lol..hehe..no way..opportunistic , difficult person , selfish and arrogant..kick them hard..😁and never come back….

  13. hayley will

    Why are you the cutest 😊😊😊

  14. Deepa Nath

    I love your Ganesha

  15. Moon Light

    We are on that situation right now, yes it get to the point that i block him for good, i’m healing from past hurts just so to not longer overthink his intentions to me/others. I’m being stubborn bcoz i don’t want to think positive things about his intentions (yes, he called me stupid before coz i didn’t think head on and was just making my own conclusions m). I have trust issues back then bcoz of family issue and i didn’t get the chance to tell him. It’s kinda difficult for me too,i’m used to being like this but trying not to coz i still love him.
    Taurus crosswatcher here grr

  16. Mara Althea

    Me this time.

  17. Marina Del Carmen

    Thank you 😬

  18. Positively Missy

    I will invite you to the wedding when we have the understanding..Understand me? ..🥰😘


    Actually am a sagit but my friend/crush is a cancer and both section of the video are actually true
    Ps: it’s school council not government

  20. Bianca Lewis


  21. Murra Miller

    I want to fix my hair lol

  22. Murra Miller

    I need him

  23. Murra Miller

    My ex is a libra. And i finally just came to him. I cannot bear it any longer.

  24. Ahnun Ymuse

    Finally your camera can focus. 😂 😝

  25. ISAYWHATIWANTjackson jackson

    OKAY 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆 DONT B 😠 B 😄

  26. Soulmate

    My life is in your card Sal. Always on spot
    Thanks 🇵🇭

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