Cancer: July 2019 (21-27)** They are afraid of your answer Cancer ** (peek at your partner)

2019-07-25 Cancer Comment 31

Cancer in July 2019, Tarot loves to read. The sun, the moon, the rise and Venus mark the "Tarot Book." Love reading: Tarot reading: Partnership reading: weekly tarot cards… Click here!Amazing Horoscope Step-by-step Dating Guide For Women Interested In Better Understanding A Cancer Man..


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  1. Soul Queen

    Nope, no thanks … who tf wanna reconcile with a filthy cheater? 😫 we ♋️ are worthy of the best of the best… keep it moving, we good on our own.

  2. TaliWho9

    You're gooood!! A thorough and precise reading. God bless. ❤

  3. chase leonard

    I am a cancer she's a Scorpio and she just left me a couple weeks ago after 14 years together for a co-worker. Wtf this is crazy. After no contact for 8 days she texted me she's blocking my number but not on Facebook. She moved out in the blink of an eye and almost completely blindsided me. I still want to work things out with her. I have been manifesting law of attraction and things to get he back in my life. These tarot readings are scary accurate.

  4. Edward Turner Jr

    Yes it was betrayal and all back then yes it hurted me but as I prayed and I'm very intuitive and it was answered by saying give it to me I'll handle it you just remain humble and patient so I listened that was God talking and I've asked her back then to comeback and leave the toxics and low negative vibes alone then now she's gone with the wind but I pray for her that someday she'll get better for her and our son but until the Lord and the divine connect us or not I forgave her love never died just my toxic and old ways did but it's Mr.Cancer 7683♋ signing off until next time take care

  5. carolyn prior

    I’m a cancer and my husband is a Capricorn yes

  6. sian Anderson

    We together for more than a year, this girl keep calling asking him for money, so of course I asked him why she calling for money what up with that he say she not working n he was trying to help her because she had nothing to give the baby n her baby father not helping her, I told I was upset because he hide it from me he should know that I'm better CIA FBI ..he was shock when I told him I knew about it for weeks but I keep my cool I'm a pieces he a cancer… The girl come to my inbox to argue with me I told her to stop looking stupid n go take care of her child…

  7. Heather Dunbar

    That's my dm. Devil energy cause he cant handle true love. So he runs to the karmic.

  8. Baksho Dhadda

    Immortal majesty,I just want to move to a place of peace and happiness, feed back me cancer ♋️ loved aqua Scorpio rising, his cold and toxic ways was to much in the end,realised there was a third party,I ended it, he swore there was nobody else,but my intuition told me different,I blocked him, he ghosted me, without any proof I said let’s work it out,he said he needed time, time is up, then I found out he has a baby another baby, since our time apart, o my days my intuition was correct! He couldn’t even tell me the truth to my face, he had the chance,5 years of stupidity and love, so no communication, I’ve blocked him, there was to many people getting involved and it was not there business,he has a toxic mother Capricorn ♑️ , I could write a book on this, the chemistry and attraction was like no other, I do love and miss him,but what kind of relationship is there if the trust is gone! I was true and faithful, he was not!

  9. Allwelsh

    We're men.Hes a Sagittarius,he's addicted to alcohol and work,if he works. Third party could be drink. He was seeing other men which I was aware of as it was a casual thing.We haven't seen each other for months and I'm sick of the occasional texts.Could be married,divorced .She's pregnant,says it's his sister. It would be a Leo baby so the strength card resonates.Readers are saying it's an earth sign he works with. I've moved on and ended it.I tried phoning him at night a few times as we only text usually. He didn't answer,says it's because I talk to him about being married.I said maybe it's because he doesn't want someone to hear.We do travel to meet as we're at a distance and was only usually for one night Readers are seeing divorce or pregnancy. So could be divorcing or in committed relationship.Denies it all,of course. He hasn't said anything about the baby thing.Or he's telling the truth.I have no proof,just intuition and readings. It's me who's done the thinking and decided he's toxic.I'm loving,kind,compassionate.He's in denial.Not blocked him. Need to heal?! We've both had long enough. Healing is something you readers say when you can't think of anything else to say. I'm done. Unfinished business.

  10. Bonnie Outlaw07

    They always fear my answer. Because it's truth. Lol

  11. Norma Aguirre-Boehm

    Thank u

  12. Donata Leko

    The intonation of your voice is so funny and interesting,it really stands out.Best regards.

  13. Samaira Shaik

    Ur Awsome its true i love u but im waitiing myy sons from 8years plzzz🙏🙏read on childrens will they come back😭😭

  14. Wayne Wright

    Signs of 11:11, walk signs turning green at each successive block toward her direction, songs with certain titles of our situation from angels and AAMichael having a helping hand.
    Tried to show letter of my intentions but suddenly sobbed throat cracking saying No No No after my three week abscence then went to bathroom for a long time the emerging and walked in front of me without a glance but knew her eyes were puffy.
    AAMichael and Source allowed her as a gift of my hard work as a Lightworker but 3rd party and freewill may interfere but Divine will entice her willingly as she is my TF and the 3rd party dealt with.

  15. Ayshea Richards

    my ex partner needs to get his shit together and leave the rebound and his stupid shit then id consider talking to him again

  16. Henry Cazares

    I’m a cancer male , well if she doesn’t ask she’ll never really know , i don’t hate her or have any anger towards her . I’ll be honest with her just so she can have closure and don’t have too be worrying about anything, but I don’t care to have no relationship with someone who goes out and has to ask someone else about what they should do in they’re relationship
    she needs to grow up and handle shit herself , but instead wants to play victim go ahead but we both know the truth of who’s being shady and dishonest!!!! ill help her decide.. look I’m no ones option she don’t have to worry about me just move on go be with one of her other options bye 👋.

  17. YoungYummy

    This gotta be true because multiple readers have repeatedly said "they will come back."


    You got my business all in these YouTube streets lol… enjoyed the reading ….😉

  19. YoungYummy

    He gone be highly upset when l tell my mom to reach out to him regarding our daughter. Just because I'm pregnant I do not have to talk to him, he can holla at mom dukes. I don't want to see or talk to dude.

  20. Lexus Walker

    My now ex is a virgo he didn't get me ANYTHING FOR MY BIRTHDAY and for me to go out with my friends so I did..I figured he would just do something over the weekend..sending me text messages that he miss me and wish I was there..but instead he go out with his homeboys!? O hell nah. I stright up blocked him for a whole 10days..1 day he popped up when I was coming in getting drop off by a Male friend of mines..and he got the nerve to ask me am I being intimate with him..then ask me what do i want him to do? I stright up said go home..he try to take my phone but was too slow lol..kept calling me back to back with unavailable numbers…3 weeks later he pop up again with a $10 gift or less because i searched it on line..I didnt say thank you I'm actually thinking about giving it away…this was the very last straw but every once in a while he will find a way to try to communicate with me..we been off and on for about 3 to 4 years..I told him this time needed to be different then the pass and it was different…it got worse..now I'm dating another virgo but is very different from my ex..like literally night and day..thank you for your reading 🤗

  21. Howard Bryels

    Im NOT going back… I dont even have them blocked… she doesnt have the nerve to reach out… she knows she did wrong , but I dont expect NOR do I want that anymore

  22. RockAngel7878

    They can shove their contemplation and third party situation and waiting up their ass, I’m done with his toxicity & stagnancy I’m moving on and stepping out, I’ll leave him soak in his own drama, I ain’t joining ✋🏻

    he is a one mad Leo 🦁

  23. Azzurebleu Tarot

    Omg- this is my story!!!!!! I’m a Cancer and he’s an Aries King of Wands. He hurt me and I blocked him. I didn’t even want him to wish me a Happy Birthday.

  24. Chimere brooks

    Kinda conflicted i just dont know wat to do sad with him and without hopes this fades soon

  25. J. Z


  26. Tracie Harrison

    You nailed it. Waiting to reconnect w/a Taurus!!! But he has to make that 1st move.❤️

  27. y u wanna knowme

    Janet Jackson said it best in the movie "For Colored Girls" I'm sick and tired of your sorry and your sorry has no value, I am not Accepting no more sorry" This situation is over and done, move on. Dont even pray on another chance because I gave too many chances already. The answer is absolute NO. I'm not allowing you to come back ever. When I was thinking and doing for us , you was busy thinking and doing you. Now Im focusing on what I want, something new and better. I'm no longer about fixing shit, throw the shit out if its broken. I'm all about focusing on now, me, myself, I, Rising, replacing, motivation, self-improvement, updating, Graduation, next level ….

  28. Anjel

    Seems to me our partners are all messed up. I think they need to move the heck on. I dont want a person this messed up. The man needs help. Move on.

  29. Nikisha G

    I’m glad you’re back HER I was worried about you !

  30. Megan Pillay


  31. Laura Lovato

    Im a cancer waiting for my Aries to come back.

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