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  1. Kundalini Hue

    My Venus & NN are in Cancer at 2 & 5 Deg. Most of the Cancer videos resonate with me. Thanks Annie.

  2. Donnie

    Hello there! I find this video randomly and I love serendipity <3, what can I say, I'm changing wardrobe, style and gonna go on holiday comin home for my birthday (17 July, right after the eclipse)
    Sun Cancer, Moon Capricorn and Rising and Venus Leo :D, all involved here, what I should expect?

  3. Nathalie B

    I feel confused when watching videos about July horoscope for cancer. Most give awesome reading/news, but how can it be with 6 planets going retrograde.

  4. Jen Smiles

    I love the way you break astrology down into understandable chunks of information! 🙏🏻🦋🌻♋️🌞🙏🏻 (Also Thank you for bringing up the Bday blues & explaining it) & omg spiders are one of my spirit animals & have been showing up a lot lately🕷 Just subscribed, fabulous channel!


    Wow my birthday is July 16th 🧐🧐🧐

  6. OmSaiRam Pranam

    You cover all the topics and explain very well and at the same time concise. There’s no rambling. 💞💞

  7. Jennifer Lorence

    NOTHING ever Changes. Those that are on TOP will remain on TOP, and the ones that are on the Bottom, will Stay on the Bottom, Nothing changes

  8. renata mateis

    you look gorgeous sitting there in ur throne…lovely hair😊

  9. Neriza Diaz

    Can you please help me how I will know my Birth chart??? 😔 how how how…

  10. Holy Feather

    That awkward moment when you were born on July 12 but your Sun is at 19° and your AC is at 3°…. i'll just watch the whole video 😅

  11. Nerma Bajramović

    And I am moving all accross the globe beginning of July! 🙂

  12. Hannah

    I have a Cancer Sun/ Mercury in the 12th HLeo Asc/Moon. Watchng ths for my sun.July 17th bday. I have been ;lstening EFT from the Ortners, BradYates, and Carol Tuttle. I did not here much about the late degrees. An ex of mine arrives last week of May with his new gf

  13. Christina Tarantola

    I totally agree with you on the weight loss comments. I am an intuitive healer and help many of my client clear their patterns through hypnosis and energy work like EFT. 🙂

  14. Kat Scotty

    What is funk ?

  15. Young Reborn Mommys with Abby and Emily

    My wish is for me and my kids to move back home thanks

  16. Thila Camillo

    Always look forward to your videos Annie!!! Thank you so much for the mercury retrograde tutorial! I’m 22 and dived myself into astrology the beginning of the year because I was stuck in limbo with my life. Astrology is opening different portals for me every day to better understand myself. I can say that I’m no longer just stuck in the unknown waiting for life to fall into place. I look forward to every single day and it’s surprises! Thank you for being one of the contributors!!! ♥️

  17. CopyMyyTrades

    You deserve more

  18. Alexis Vespe

    Hi There I just checked my natal birth chart and my birthday is on July 16th the day of the Eclipse that it falls on plus it's at 24 degree's too Wow let's see what happens and develops on that day hopefully all good too LOL I know the Moon is in Capricorn too I hold on and watch out for this one .

  19. libby zona

    I have to slap my knee, I’m cancer sun, sag moon and Aquarius rising. I’m teaching a series of eft workshops in June and one is on food addiction.
    I have really been gradually implementing small changes into my life. Food has been all over the place for the past 3 years, so I feel very empowered and in alignment.

  20. Deane Driscoll

    I love how you do your horoscopes, Annie! Dividing it up between early, middle and late charts makes it so much more personal and accurate. And it's alot of work, so thank you! : 0 )

  21. Melisa Arroyo

    Wow! It makes so much sense now. I looked up my birth year and mercury went retrograde , (July 12 1994) 5 days after i was born. I actually had a lot of planets retrograde when I was born 🤔
    I love your videos !

  22. Nyah Phoenix

    Nervous because I have an unavoidable collaboration with a Capricorn. I will just have to relax and be flexible! I am also Capricorn Rising.

  23. Seer Guru

    Heavy transit as i watch .

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