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  1. Nicholas Ashbaugh

    If you like what you see, consider supporting the channel. Even $1 goes a long way towards supporting the videos you see here. For more info, see: https://nicholasashbaugh.com/patron

  2. Lisa Arreguin

    Thank you Nicholas! I know this is a lot of work to bring our messages to the light. Just want you know that I (and I'm sure "we") appreciate all that you do. I look forward to your monthly readings. Again, thank you sincerely.

  3. Honey Boo

    WORD 👏🍀✌🌸🌈

  4. Cara Somebody

    You matter to me. Thank you. Will be expressing that monetarily soon. It’s on my heart. Thank you. Thank you.

  5. Sandra address Mcmahon

    Hi Nicolas! On the Impatient card, I believe with me it pertains the prayers I have for healing. I've seen healings done, but then there are some I get frustrated on waiting for their healings as I hear them go more down on their health or no change made. Boy! It's rough seeing people sick.
    Your awesome!!! Thank you.

  6. Ali Ross


  7. Amber Lovell

    Thank you Nicholas!!!

  8. pascale venus

    un tout lumineux merci nicholas!
    pleins de lumière et d amour!

  9. Deepika Rathore

    You are the best Choice I've ever Made in context of tarot reading. 💯👌

  10. Mariaj ImL

    Im guarding myself ..thus oerson causes anxiety no more.

  11. Mariaj ImL

    NICK YES THE man 8s fresk conyrol thank god far i was l away

  12. Mariaj ImL

    Big decision about a vehicle but i cant afford..omg that is so true

  13. Biggie Shawty

    This was amazing. Thank you so much <3

  14. arch sword

    Thank you! Didn't skip ads for the reading.

  15. Crystallized Booger

    I nodded the entire time almost broke my neck. 100% of this reading even the words your used were spot on in my life right now.
    I am also new to this online reading and had been watching another tuber whose reading aligned with this.

  16. Anifa

    I went to a Chakra healing session and I was told that my most blocked chakra right now is the heart. And when you said the heart chakra, I knew this video was going to be good. This is by far the best video I’ve watched on YouTube for my sign this month. This is also the most relatable video on astrology I have ever watched on YouTube. Maybe I really needed to hear those messages for June.

  17. Lany 1

    Nicholas, I am a cancer rising and I was so deeply unsatisfied with being in stagnation that I ignored it and relied heavily on astrologers giving me the message I couldn’t tell myself. Turns out the strategy actually worked! Because your message about self love, so much so that one’s heart bursts with love, finally resonates with me. Through the tone and the style of your speech, for some reason, for the first time in my life, I realize how to be in harmony with myself. It’s about establishing a relationship between my feelings and my facade. Nourish and flourish is the exact message I needed not for the moment, but for my entire life. I feel this month is such a turning point for me, I felt the need to be positive and outspoken about it. I hope you’re walking in sunshine, best regards from an Aries❤️

  18. Sandy Lindler

    I really appreciate your in depth readings! You're intelligent and wise! Thank you =)

  19. Ocd Chick

    I love how clearly you exsplain stuff

  20. Lilian S.S

    Perfect. Reading is accurate and it is fully aligned and makes sense. Thank you very much.

  21. Alanna S

    As a therapist, I do feel like i give out more than I take in. So spot on about that, taking a Reiki class next month! Thank you for your kind, caring words. Love your videos!

  22. Rabia Rhallab

    Thank you Nicholas for this beautiful ready that you shared in a very elegant way. Love the background decor and Orchids one of my favorite delicate flower . Nourishing and flourishing is what I needed to hear to make my decision to move forward and leave my comfort zone. Love ❤️ and peace ✌️ from Dubai the land of 🌞 . Rabiaa 😘 😘

  23. Shirley Nalangan

    You are one of the best , I ever listen to here. You are very detailed and you have a clear voice which make it easy to all the listeners to comprehend. Thank you so much. New subscriber .❤❤❤ More blessings.

  24. Wissale Ch

    I love the fact that you wore Red for the Cancer reading! This my and Cancer s color!
    Love your channel, keep up the good work!

  25. Anan Shendy

    A big THANK YOU!

  26. beanie bradley

    Thank you for the reading, just love them. You are so good,wow🙂.

  27. Sheriese Henderson

    Do all tarot readers use a celtic cross

  28. misty blue

    I thank you so much for this reading many blessings to you ❤💛

  29. WebzyWongie 90

    Thank you for the advice ":)love the first cards you used very nice.

  30. andrea

    you’re the best reader ever

  31. andrea

    thank you

  32. Veronica Paiva


  33. PrEmIuM.PeNgUiN

    This whole year I have been growing a special plant from seed, it is well known in California for its medicinal properties and I'm sure you know which plant it is. It is getting very big outside in the sun, now stands taller than me, and every time I watch your videos this year you talk about growing plants, seeds, creation etc. and I almost think it's coincidence… But in this video I became sure that you are tapping into a lot of accurate energy for me. I have to say thanks Nicholas! You give me a lot of hope and remind me I'm doing the right thing! Keep sending the light, we'll all be reflecting it onwards 🌱❤️ P.S. Just as I finish this message, the sun has came out in my garden after a very dark foggy afternoon 😉

  34. JC

    thanks for the readings… i love your orchids :))

  35. Sofia Bello


  36. M C

    Thank you so much Nicholas for these messages. I have a birthday the end of this month so I'm hoping that will lead to a nice celebration. Also, yes just came back from a vacation so it was nice to have some time away to reset. I'm ready to get focused on my writing goals and creative projects. Thank you for the reminder of SELF- RECOGNITION! Wow, you brought it full circle with the channeled message, the heart card and all others.

  37. Devi

    Thank you so much.

  38. Vishakha Tiwari

    U are very healing 😇 God bless u🤗

  39. Crab369

    Great reading.. similar to my own self readings. Hanged man is my card of the year. Must stay the course even if I am feeling 4 of cups energy and 9 of wands is stalking me!!

  40. Wendy Fox

    Thank you so much for this month’s reading.

  41. Andrea Vlahovic

    I am ending my diploma of visual arts this month yes reasons to celebrate hopefully. ..fb Andrea DKV page..my art is intuitive and painting is my way how I meditate

  42. Andrea Vlahovic

    Something s different about you this month..your voice changed it’s softer…and all those flowers around you :)…

  43. Sarada Krishna

    I like the way u explain with lot of patience.. I like ur reading.. Thanks for being so sweet.. 💕 from India…

  44. Dolphins 3

    Beautiful. Fam and I enjoy and learn much from your readings. Now subscribing. We truly appreciate the auspicious vibes you radiate. TY! Cheers!

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