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  1. Baya joiyeuze

    Lw tamely bel araby moch bafham bl englch !!!!!!!!

  2. Maria Blaga

    Thank youfor the reading and for the giveaway

  3. Dudubidam Music & Lyrics

    relate!! ❤

  4. nicole x

    i'm a cancer and i've recently started dating a libra, broke up with a pisces! lol

  5. Diego Torres

    You are very good at this very professional. I also feel that you are very beauty. God bless you and thank you

  6. Sonya Cole

    Thank You.

  7. K

    Wow, this one of the readings that resonated so well! Him and me are in a long distance relationship or situationship if you will haha. He is a Libra, we use to be very off and on and we have kinda started talking less and less after a argument and I still have feelings for him and I don’t wanna let him go, I don’t wanna move on but I think I should. No one new has came new to my life either and I’m truly very lost but thank you for a wonderful reading my love! 💕 I would love to have a chance on winning the giveaway! I hope lots of love and positive energy comes your way. 💓

  8. Brittanie Evans

    Thanks for your reading!!

  9. Marina Gutierrez

    Walked away from an Aquarius, started something with a Virgo and I’m loving it not looking back

  10. Ajent

    Soo much resonation, maybe the giveaway will resonate too eh? 😆

  11. Caress Pina

    I'm a Gemini and my Venus is in Cancer. Both readings said my ex is too prideful to admit he wants me back and that I might release him. They also said I could make it work. It's so accurate. I'm I'm very intuitive and have psychics in my family so I know he still loves me and is still upset about the past and wants to maintain control (like you said) by wearing a mask. SN: I'd like to enter the contest for the deck please 😁.

  12. Kim A.

    Enjoy your readings, your calm delivery, resonates. Thank you.

  13. Stardust Movie Girl

    He no longer has to walk on egg shells because I made the first move 😆☺️☺️☺️☺️

  14. Sarah Jayne Scott

    not reaching out to any grown man

  15. Barbbbzbunnie's Life

    The libra is the one that I walked away from, he is the new one…I went back to my aqua man who has a leo on his chart. I love my aqua man.

  16. FAITH 79

    I hope they never go back if it was a cheating crazy Leo, I'm the new! Pisces, great read.

  17. ebony martin

    You're a great reader…. Sign me up please 💛

  18. CHARMiN369

    I would like to enter as well

  19. khemosabee5175

    I would like to be entered.

  20. Samuel Hebert

    I want to enter giveaway

  21. Aleah Harrigan


  22. Ayannah Sears

    I want to enter

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