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  1. Learn a different language

    This new intro!! Sooooo cute!

  2. Sundress Jones

    Great reading! Thank you so much 😊

  3. justine clark

    Ok. So I'm 37 years old, and I just recently looked up my chart 🤦. I honestly don't know wth took me so long, as I've been pulled towards astrology for as long as I can remember. I've always known, and have resonated with my Aries sun, but I've seriously wondered why my insides never matched my outsides…and then I find out it's because my frickin moon is in Cancer..lol. I'm also Aries rising, so coming to this realization that, I have to fight 2 huge fires with a little bit of water, has been quite the challenge. Especially at my age. I wish I woulda done this work earlier in life, BUT, it is what it is. I'm just glad I found you when I did…to help me with the next part of my journey. I appreciate you so much for sharing your gift with the world. Thank you for being 💖

    Omg. My mother's a Libra sun Cap moon…our relationship has always been strained. Codependency is a major issue. We've always been together, but it's been toxic. I've been saying for a few months, that we need to get the hell away from each other. I love her to death, but yeah, she's kind of a turd…lol. I've been clearing shit out though. Going through the dark night of the soul. Trying to mend what's broken. PHEW!

  4. Vanablack917


  5. Tina Leeth

    I didnt say anything just broke out the scissors .snip snip

  6. Tina Leeth

    5 minutes in and already resonating.. cut my toxic family out of my life.. dont bring my skeletons out when you have a graveyard full. And damn sure dont need to tell my Son to make yourself look better.. it backfired and I'm shining

  7. Ray Brown

    Cancer man, the reading was 100% on target, crazy!👍

  8. Gina Gerke


  9. Nekole Womble

    I will say this much, lady you have a gift. It hits home on so many levels. Maybe we will meet or not . All in all i appreciate the way you let the cards and energy come. Great job!!!!! Really third eye open! Peace &Blessing!

  10. Diane O'Neill

    Thank you so very much for this reading and all your beautiful and wonderful quite fabulous, I very much appreciated it, I was watching this for a beautiful gorgeous Englishman, such a beautiful sweet loving blessing and I am tremendously grateful and blessed in regards to him, loved unconditionally , prayed for always no matter what, I want all the extraordinary, beautiful abundant best for him, he has such a beautiful impact on me, because of him I found tremendous healing and life has a whole new glorious meaning, I am over the moon happy to hear such wonderful positive reading for him, he gave me so much of his time and beautiful sweetness, had compassion, let me feel tenderness and so much more quite selflessly because he was tremendously work busy and I sensed way beyond that, he brought me my favorite smile truly so much tremendous beautiful, I could go on and on in regards to him all beautiful, I am blessed as is the universe because he shines so brilliantly bright ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Giorgi Fracassi

    REALLY felt that frog spirit. tonight a giant toad ran into my house, it was a big ordeal, asked myself why the universe would show me that, there ya go.

  12. Lj Liu

    I really enjoyed it! I think I was meant to watch it! This video appeared yesterday to me, but never watched it until now…another funny thing is that September 12th-21st (12:21 I realized this while watching the video) came in a dream, like 3 months ago and a lot of changes start to happen (spiritually, mentally and emotionally)…I really loved how you interpreted the energies…love your vibes and smiled towards the ending…Thank you so much! The light shine bright and you can see the horizon! Blessings to you WaterBaby Tarot.

  13. Margart Witt

    Its Friday 🌝♒ I'm waiting for him 💜💙✨ Thank you 💖🔥🌏🌞✌

  14. Ginger M

    I did try talking and but he cant hold a better conversation. There were some lies wether white or bad it is still a lie. There were trust issues on his side it is only right that he make sure I trust him again and not say its up to you what you think. Duh!
    WITCH HUNT 😀😀 yeah and I found her. I think she wants to be found. Right now I hate hearing about Scorpio.

  15. MihaEla Bodea

    Why are you not allowed to eat broccoli? 🙁 sorry about that

  16. Goddess 7777

    Again trust and respect and self worth
    I walked out and away from someone who treated me like crap and I always walked away from people who also deceived me
    They all watched me struggle and cry and break down during the worst times in my life
    That is friends for you
    Ask you friends for help
    Gs friends who deceived me
    And they knew I did all of the work and was being abused and they helped the abuser and lied to the victim

  17. Goddess 7777

    And to lie right to my face and eyes
    And infront of my family
    Will never be accepted

  18. Goddess 7777

    And to lie right to my face and eyes
    And infront of my family
    Will never be accepted

  19. Goddess 7777

    I will never trust anyone who deceitful
    If anyone wants my friendship and trust they had better be honest with me
    Going behind my back and talking will never keep me or my friendship

  20. Goddess 7777

    I will never trust anyone who deceitful
    If anyone wants my friendship and trust they had better be honest with me
    Going behind my back and talking will never keep me or my friendship

  21. Goddess 7777

    Cancer exposed to the air grows like weed
    It needs to be stopped
    Medicated and it’s too moody and emotional
    Always looking for someone or something to latch on to, Breaks promises
    Cancer is the opposite sign of Capricorn
    The devil if crossed the wrong way
    Before who you let into your home

    Always remember boundaries
    A lot like Capricorn
    I really don’t like the Capricorn card. the Devil The Lovers chained. Bonded

    That card should be reinvented.
    Not all Capricorn’s or cancers are bad or evil

    It all depends on their upbringing
    And weather they got love and emotional fulfillment as a child

    Blame the parents
    For not giving the child what was needed as a baby and throughout childhood
    They develop a strong need for attention and love and feeling good about themselves

    It’s sad really what happens to innocent children cancer needs to learn boundaries and to be a true friend
    Stop butting into personal relationships
    And giving advice that not their affairs
    The Aquarius generally is wish fulfillment the star

    It if they also didn’t have their needs met as a baby and childhood. Negative feelings and rash emotions can develop
    Sounds like the Capricorn sucked them in

    Cancer scrawls slowly around and in and out.
    It buts in and it has no boundaries
    It’s cam is jammed so tightly it’s restricted
    Cancer is mitosis- sells multiple out of control

  22. raz kamali


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