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  1. Layla Marie

    thank you

  2. Dee Dyches

    Ms Dixon I agree with u he needs to grow a set balls my person

  3. Dee Dyches

    Hi what is the name of music on intro and ty sal

  4. Tammy McMaster

    Man…as Cap dealing with a Cancer…I can't tell you how accurate this reading was. It was definitely in alignment with the Cap reading too!💜

  5. rivière de l'amour

    Yes finally we are gonna meetafter 4months of no communication period . Dealing with sagi

  6. Peeps Boo

    Idk what to listen to because this is totally opposite to Taurus reading..

  7. NatividadSRamos Vasconcelos

    Light and Progress;To all your Angel's of Love and Harmony

  8. Helen J. Goh

    Thank you🌹🙏🌟 good luv❤️

  9. zari

    My moon is cancer & sun is pisces can you tell me Little about me how can i contact you ?

  10. zari

    Hi sal !! Awsome 100 % match wd me your every singl words believe me your are too dam good reader mindblowing keep it up sal may God blessed you in every part of your life 👍👍👍👍

  11. 11 11

    Wow so true I do love him so much.❤️ And no matter how mean he is sometimes I forgive him

  12. Josselyn Rashford

    I have literally been trying to manifest him. But I also ghosted him for myself. Idk if he will text me unless I text him first but we will see how it plays out.

  13. viviana H jimenez


  14. Cancer - F Scorpio - M

    CGI….so funny. You made me laugh😆

    I have many CGI walking passed behind me when seated in the office.

  15. Sleepyheadx


  16. Anj Love01

    Pakipost pakilike pakishare. 🇵🇭💕 Weee paalam!

  17. Tara Markusic

    His Jupiter is in cancer.

  18. Nadia K

    Cancer rising and venus .. ex is a virgo.. Duno what to say 🙁 Focusing on myself now..

  19. Hello Hello

    Thank you sal..

  20. argent mullinitj

    Dealing with a Cap, ( Venus)

  21. Hazel Bocaling

    Im dealing with a scorpio .i blocked him totally ,,and i know were not to be ..slamt sal ..


    m loving my baby plants if that counts😊

  23. Lil Campos

    Im a Cancer and I'm focusing on my current goals and trying to put full effort on them.

  24. Anne JT

    Your a pinoy? #pinayfollower here

  25. Larisa Pravitel Paige

    Ok, what I just saw 🧐 it’s sad cancer reading….. the most confusing one … I have heard from you dear!

  26. Mariaantoinette Lopez

    Sal I feel Ike like your all ❤️

  27. Rhia Bigno

    This is totally an opposite reading from Taurus. I don't even know what to follow already. Taurus cross watcher here

  28. KathyMP P

    Crew o jowa hehehe joke lang! Salamat and more power to you! ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Monik Monica

    CGI 😂😂😂😂 nice to meet you! Thank you Sal 💙🙏

  30. Deidra Frazier

    Triggered @ 4:104:15! I'm jelly; it's bad enough that I have to share you with 295k suscribers. Now I gotta see some dude sashaying all 'over-familiar' around you! Lol! Just kidding Sal. Do you read your own comments or ever respond? Thanks for the read.

  31. Gwen Gutierrez

    i'm a cancer from the philippines. my guy is an aqua from foreign land and totally not communicating… hope your readings will come true.. expecting an exclusive rel. Salamat Sal.. im always waiting for your readings!

    #pakishare, pakilike, pakipost haha! youre cute!

  32. Lolo Dixon

    He needs to communicate more I'm tired of BS

  33. Stalkerx13

    Thank you for the reading


    CGI 😂♋🦀💦

  35. Wendy Lang

    I'm a Cancer; sun, moon rising and venus and my Cancer guy is a hardworker who loves to say "If it's meant to be, it will be…we're moving slowly into light communication after a 6 month break up. You've been reading us a 100% for months❤ Thanks Sal

  36. Cesar Monarrez

    Gemini cross watching for my Ex Cancerean (baby momma)…I'm confused now Sal? Any Advice?

  37. Jenifer Mason


  38. Yesenia Yanez

    I’m a Cancer moon. I’m sooo single 😂 the guy that I was connecting with is soo not talking right now.

  39. Dmnd

    wheres pisces 25-31 :S

  40. Patricia Soria


  41. whyme6911

    Hey Sal

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