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  1. Lexi Mohamed

    Ur an ANGEL ur voice is so soothing and i felt every blessings ,the universe and Angeles and god almighty , is sending me,i am receiving all of it, i deserved all of those blessings,iv gone through too much I've been working hard, last night i look up to the Universe and ask how much more ,because of neighbours i had to be putting down concrete block's ,my hand bleeds i got shocked by electricity, i cried, im so tired, i ASK the Universe how much more i have to take from my enemies, i am so tired of people taking advantage of me and my family, its 36years and7 months, we are so tired and fed up, we begging for justice, ALL our ENEMIES are so hateful i want justice please god and the beautiful universe, and i believe i am going to get justice i try my best not to hurt no one in life im not perfect but its over bearing now god is mighty powerful

  2. michelle

    5 commercial Interruptions while I was watching this 1 reading it was ACCURATE tho,thank you

  3. michelle

    Boy that is exactly what's goin on for me right now. THX4THEREADING 🦀🦁🦁

  4. Lexi Mohamed

    THANK you so much god bless u ur spot on

  5. LSB aker


  6. Jesie Paterson

    Wow Sweet yes 🌈🦋🍀🤞💋🙏🥰

  7. Sunshine’s Journey

    When you say spirit, whom are you speaking of? I’m just learning about spirituality and growing. I’m just unclear as to who “spirit” is?

  8. Kathy Huestis

    Thank you spirits and the universe. I have always watched the moon I have lots of pics, that are awesome. Taurus full moon, I swear I seen a portal opened. I have watched the heavenly sky,s since I was a child. I have already been seeing things differently, specially sun, moon and stars and nature, the beauty of it amazes me more than ever before. I have been working hard to go forward not backwards. Hard years. I am open and receive my my blessing and gifts. Very insightful thank you. Thank you Archangels and all the heavenly divine helpers and the ones on earth too. They have helped me a lot. Love light and peace too all. Been waiting a very long time for this. OPEN for a great future. Love and light, no one can steal that from me.

  9. Patricia Cecilia Blanco

    Hi beautiful soul thank you and blessings to you

  10. Susanne Jensen

    Thanks I believe and all allweys working out four me and my love of my heart! I am Soo Greatfull and glad. Tank you.

  11. Cathy Cooper

    Cancer moon I thank you.

  12. Lily Whitemeadow

    You are such a blessing. Thank you.

  13. DonutGive A

    Damn! lol The synchronicities are so spot on that I have goosebumps! lol. Wow. Thank you.

  14. Deborah Thiel


  15. peace4naturals

    Thank you.! I been fighting for my degree and haven’t been doing as well as I would have like this semester. I have been feeling like it’s over kill. I need to hear keep going cause what I’m doing is profound. I just want to make spirit proud of me.😘🙏🏾

  16. Sammy Sunshine

    It has been a year of pain and burdens….I feel the change and letting go to bring in balance. Thank you ❤🦋❤

  17. Carolyn Lanier Roberts

    Thank You Beautiful Soul….Feels Very Accurate❤❤❤

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