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  1. Marina Paull

    spot on toxic neighbour stalking kids him? had enough confusing interference 💰 on my property moved on for now spoke my truth thank you

  2. Clara Bowling

    Hi Julia 🌻🌹🌻, Happy birthday 🎂! (Belated). Your reading has me in tears! Yes a lot of non sense,
    Blessed be 💜

  3. Jaine Chapman

    I tried for 14 yrs to get him the help he needed but his booze an affairs were more important he is sick without knowing it it was a very loveless relationship for the ladt 2yrs no intimacy he's a Sagittarius
    I walked away 4 weeks ago as my heart was shattered but im feeling so much better im coping better than i thought
    He wont be back
    But i do have alot of passion for a guy I've known for 25yrs we have been waiting to connect an its awesome
    He knows how i feel and this reading excites me..
    The ex can apologise all he likes i wont be going back
    Its my time for me an my libran man now
    we have always been soul mates but respected our partners in the mean time…
    We will be a power couple we are Extremely Happy knowing now we can take it further an i have so much to say to him still…I haven't told him how i feel about him to much though but he gets what I've said and visa versa…I think 25 yrs has been long enough
    My wish is coming true and i have been worried about money but it doesn't rule me it is what it is….
    My ex gave me financial support but that really meant nothing to me
    I deserve love and plenty of it.
    I am exhausted from these last 14 yrs and i am staying home but im also healing from abuse…
    We will concur it all
    Thank you this was incredible blessed be to you beautiful xoxo 💜💜💜💜

  4. C T

    I wonder the secret will be!
    You’re the third psychic that has mentioned that a secret will be revealed.

  5. renbeni shitiri

    I love my cancer man a Leo here but I think he is leaving me for an aquarius ex….

  6. Wyld Wood

    Wow…I’ll take this reading🦋

  7. Vlinder 010

    after 20 years off single hood..hell yes I want love..I asked the universe for years, but they were deaf for me. Family live has passed me by..

  8. Chiquita Scott

    Thank you so much ♥️✨

  9. Rebecca Austin

    Spot on Julia about a jealous girl I work with,! She bully's me! Xxx

  10. Rebecca Austin

    He's a Scorpio and he drinks too much and has depression but I love him so much! Xxx

  11. Rebecca Austin

    Julia your so lovely and caring and yes ,I want love ,all I do is work! Xxx You touch my heart more than any other reader,! Wishing you love and success for the future! Xxx

  12. Catherine Fleming

    Heart Passion Tarot : I do want true love❤ and I want to meet this guy, your correct, I do lack real love.💞 It's just I'm sad and weepy😫 coz this month is 3rd anniversary of my late husband's passing🙏🙏🙏. As for my ex I rejected him mainly coz of his cheating and betrayal. I did send him.money💰 frequently, but his constant lying and cheating was toxic and heartbreaking💔 to me, as if he was taking me for granted. I went abroad to visit him, spent a fortune💰, for what? Just complete waste of money, effort and time. But Thankyou so much for you excellent reading your a true genius, 🎓and inspirational psychic. X💚X🌟🌟🌟👍💜x💚x

  13. Patricia Cecilia Blanco

    Let twinflame. Go got it.

  14. Patricia Cecilia Blanco

    I love you. Darling.

  15. Patricia Cecilia Blanco

    Hi. Pretty Thank you and Blessings.

  16. Michelle Jackson

    You are so on point. Thanks

  17. Michelle Jackson

    Sorry to hear that. Prayers ❤️🙏

  18. Luna The Oracle OG

    Oh wow!!! Im sooo happy about this reading! Im filled with courage and strength! So excited for the future!!!

  19. Love Empress

    This video still stops.

  20. Enaam lolapaloza

    I couldn’t enjoy the video due to the disconnections here and there. 😞☹️

  21. Swetha Y

    S he s cancer n m aries no communications

  22. Deborah TruthSeeker

    The Cancerian man I LOVE has a very serious alcohol addiction. I am a Pisces, and his ex wife narcissist wants him back, I believe. I am the one he has been pushing away, unless there is yet another woman. I am a February Pisces, he is a July 20 Cancerian. I pray for him, I pray for US. He means everything to me, and is from my past, actually my sisters past, and I liked him back then, but never showed it.

  23. Bahar B

    Dear Julia, I was watching this for my cancer!! You are so right it is like you know him!! He is so burried under helping a family member with addiction and also a long time toxic relationship that he no longer feel or see my love!!! I just want to help him but if he doesn't want it or see and feel it I don't know how else to support him. I am devastated!!!

  24. Nicole Stanley

    Thank you so much 💗☀️🔥

  25. Nicole Stanley

    Wow, unbelievable 😭

  26. claud here

    Plays for a minute…then stops….

  27. Nicole Stanley

    I'm sorry to hear what your going through 😓 Sending love, strength and healing thoughts 💖

  28. Kathy Kuehne


  29. lee Lowe

    Godbless im where you are

  30. no name

    It was a pleasure for me to help to get you home

  31. Yafit Adele

    I feel the story iam libta he is cancher but he chooze not to be with me becouse i dont have a house or money. Iam blessed him. I did it all. 😔❤

  32. La vie

    Anyone else having issues with the video playing ? It Plays and then gets stuck

  33. Sharon Holt

    You are spot on ..thank you xx

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