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  1. Mermaid Scales Tarot

    Want to win a free reading with me? 🤔 Check the description box for more details! Also, check out my Instagram pages and support your girl! Thank you for all of your kind words and support, I am eternally grateful ♋️🧜🏻‍♀️✨

  2. Brandy Gaultney

    this was so real for me!

  3. Hana Ali

  4. Mary C Farmer

    Yes I seen a feather a few weeks ago. Also the checkers things is true too. Lol yes black socks and black nails. I gota a black jacket today. Your awesome gurlie😍👍💯
    But I'm been with a Pisces for 14 mths. And it's so crazy we get along so well. Everything makes sense now. Some things ty

  5. Miral Marden


  6. Monica Perez

    Hit the nail..in everything..mine was pisces

  7. Stephanie Barrientos

    Hi, my ex partner is an aquarius man, and when we first began dating we would play checkers. We've been in a back and forth relationship and we just can't see eye to eye on parenting values, my work life, or my beliefs in general. He told me he wanted to be with me for good a few weeks ago, but yesterday we had an argument and he hung the phone up on me. Today, I gave him an ultimatum and told him I was tired of his shit and I feel really content with my decision. I have thought that if he showed up at my doorstep, I wouldn't let him set foot honestly…I'm just too upset with him. I have thought of throwing eggs at him if he ever showed up at my doorstep lol. He said some things to me that hurt me today too. He always comes back and I always let him back in. I just started RN school, so this helps me keep my mind straight. I don't think I will make it easy for him to be back in my life again. He is also a marine veteran. I really feel that you are a good reader. Thank you.

  8. mystery 4ever

    Pisces = Devil

  9. TheCraftingDude

    Gud reading spot on…scorpio here…cross watcher

  10. TheCraftingDude

    He gave me luv nd attention alot but i m married wht can i do i m helpless🙁

  11. Keith Wooten

    Black socks & hat, lol

  12. Monalisa Hughes

    I was helping with there Career

  13. Monalisa Hughes

    I left them

  14. Monalisa Hughes

    Yes youre right he got married

  15. nikya moore

    Oooh what a wicked web we weave😂yeah he thought he was doing something but the last laugh was truly on him. Texted me a few days ago…sorry

  16. Milette Rodriguez

    Excellent reading thanks so much really suits my life GOD BLESS

  17. Love Rapetswa


  18. Kathy Huestis

    I have always loved helping people too. Very thankful for people like you who care about others. Thank you so very much for all your work and help. Love light and peace too all God bless everyone. Angels are always watching us and smiling down and helping us with out asking for anything back.

  19. Brenda Hansen

    You were right on,we were married for 36 years and he cheated I worked on things for five years but he left me for her. We have been divorced for three years almost 4. Thank you.

  20. Sarah Griffith

    Oh my goodness you are so good

  21. Daniela Balbal

    You're unreal! 💜

  22. deana nightingale

    I have plad curtains.

  23. Nicki G

    This is crazy accurate. I'm cancer. Pisces cheated. I'm pregnant. He's been texting but I'm apprehensive and considering letting it all go. My heart is saying fuck it.

  24. Alua Alabd

    I love ❤️ him so much because he is my soulmate. He broken my heart 💔💔💔he chosen his wife…because she did magic I know every time he comes back to me something happens bad again and again, I am tired of being in cold places.
    I can not move .😭😭😭
    He is ♉️ I am going to wait only this month, than I will move on.
    Changing my home and move outside this city.we live in seam area .obsoletely right.
    Thank you 😊 love ❤️
    For your reading

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