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  1. Vlinder 010

    My ass is down for 20 years..and I work for 30 years..and my twin doesn't want to talk while I NEED the talk..So! It ain't me..I did the work,

  2. Jamaica Gold

    Ty for the reading~ ♋

  3. Troopz up Tv

    My ex was a Cancer and yes! He needs to sit his tired ass down lmao. All tarot card readers say him and me will reunite

  4. Ayshea Richards

    This is so true. He left me in February for someone else and then went on to see two other women I loved him but he has completely disappeared I haven’t heard from him for about a month now. I’m praying he comes back when he’s fixed himself.

  5. Jennifer Agustin

    The person has feelings, but he keeps pushing me away. He keeps telling me that I'm nothing but fun and nothing more. He isn't even giving me any hope to hold onto.

  6. Ashish1234 Waingankar

    Thank you very much Madam

  7. TA TA

    I'm not confused about the past the present is what's confusing he act like he wants me then he say stupid shit I dont got time I feel he is with someone he pay no attention to me sex ain't like it use to be the vibe is even different

  8. Alysia Villanueva

    Get to know someone…. Mysteries for 4 yrs….all resonates dammit

  9. Alysia Villanueva

    Dying…. bt done with libra entertaining others is WT dis the damage now they're doing it again and they told me if I DNT except it then they just want stay single I'm done I wnt b an option or insecure or have competition cuz they can't b in a relationship without entertaining other women after months of gut feeling it came out I'm done they were so cold about wanting to b single and entertain 💔👋

  10. That Girl

    Thank u❤️❤️❤️

  11. Queen Scorps

    You were right the first time when you said, 'old love…' 😁

  12. ilana botes

    Old love leo got married recently

  13. Daniela Sandru

    You are very good!

  14. Blue Light

    You said, "old love"!!! I'm an old love that's come back into the cancerians life. They have a beautiful life and so do I. I'm a crosswatcher/ Leo sun, Libra moon. Could this be about our situation? I professed my love for this person. I'm waiting to see what happened next but we have a lot of obsticals in the way. This really resonates with me.

  15. Marie Lang

    Crosswatcher here.. shouting – OOOH YES IT IS 😂😂

  16. Kathy Womack

    You’re so awesome. The readings are so eerily accurate ✨❤️

  17. Latia Avril

    Thank you for this reading I needed to hear this ❤🙌🏾💯😊🥰🥰

  18. Sunni Daze

    Completely resonates. Message received, thank you!

  19. Jaslin Flowers

    Look I don’t want him I’m more then secure within myself to know for a fact I dont want him or that whole situation he comes with drama morning noon and night and on top of that he caught hiv from my neighbor and I was forced to listen to him have sex with her on my wall so if he comes in and says hey jazz I’m sorry 😐 I will except that but I’m also gonna keep it moving!!! Perioddddddd💯

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