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  2. Marie Apostal

    I can relate to Marimar telenovela😁

  3. Harvest Goddess

    Accurate reading. He'd been texting for the last few days but I haven't been answering because I'm still mad at him for what he did to me on New Year's Day. I'm Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon and Cancer Rising. My interest is a Scorpio with Leo Rising and Sag Moon. I hope he has started making good choices cuz until then I have moved on, working on my money and career.

  4. Destructor 4655

    I love sals hair PERIODT😍

  5. g_g diva


  6. Dorothy McKenzie

    #Eat, Read, Love# Sal Biadora 👍🏼

  7. css solar Investment


  8. Maria Martinez

    My name is Mary but I get called Mari he's a younger Leo slot of passion and faster faster faster but no longer together truly his lost a fire sign is very passionate but a water sign is out of this world you never go wrong with a water sign Cancer sun Libra rising Pisces moon female water out last that fire or do they put it out just saying alot of water here

  9. Ritchell Fuentes

    Im still moving on i love the way you read and explane

  10. Ritchell Fuentes


  11. Marit Schonfeld

    WOW! This is so unbelievably accurate! You are amazing!!!

  12. The Keys To Wisdom

    Spoke to my soul 😩

  13. Chandre Stringer

    Wow you are amazing at this. Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Athinea Hera

    Omg omg lol lol Sal I'm a cross watcher Sal.. I'm the Taurus drama queen with my cancer.. you made me laugh soooo hard because it was so true. I am being a cry baby and get very emotional at everything he does… crap how do I snap out of this shit cycle.. ❤🤣

  15. prarabdha ek shuruaat

    100% crrct

  16. Dorothy Glover

    You’re so funny but you’re exactly right. But I was a fool that reached out to the Virgo and all we did was argue but I’m over him definitely now. He doesn’t take accountability and he’s a victim player. Thank you hello cancerians ❤️

  17. Mekah Williams

    Leaving crazy right where he at. He can wish all he want. Ain’t no going back. Epitome of NARCISSISM ✌🏾

  18. Monika Sapra


  19. fea mapu

    Whiskey 🥃! Cheers 🥂

  20. Pooja Jogi

    Sal you made me cry😁

  21. claudia cortez

    I love your sense of humor 😄

  22. Shay Wells

    Your sooo on point I’m dating a Capricorn and he’s draining asf

  23. divya srn27

    #eatreadlove#Sal Biadora#💜

  24. d Arcilla

    Hahaha marimar?! Really.. then u mentioned pangako saiyo?haha Angelo and yna, hahaha

  25. iveta petrasova

    Drama drama drama

  26. Desy Paramita Putri

    I'm new to your channel, a Sagittarius woman cross-reading this for a Cancerian man I loved but haven't talked to again for a week. And yes I'm a milennial, 21 years his junior, and I'm often hormonal. When I heard you said that, my eyes went so wide and my mouth gaped literally in disbelief! Your reading resonates Sal, thank you. We did have a deep connection, we loved each other and we know that this breakup is temporary, but I feel numb right now. I think he does too, and we don't know how to reverse this. I still hope he and I can be good friends anyway if this doesn't work out.

  27. Louise Jones

    Wow this is so accurate unreal!

  28. Priya Nasir

    What is extended 1 and 2??

  29. Shiko Kinyanjui

    This had blown my mind it's soo accurate

  30. Shermahal Cuadra

    Right we are ldr ..my aries…

  31. Loveless Hernandez

    SAL, it was me ! I told him I've been good and working on myself, and my breathing 😭😭🤣🙄 hahaha awwww

  32. Shermahal Cuadra

    Ahahaha..😂😂😂 pangako napapako …its true broken promises it's my aries it's gone no call no tx..

  33. Mae Marionnete

    My nickname is Mar Mar lol

  34. Darkside Dreamerz

    Literally haven't left the building truu

  35. Maria St

    My name is maria they call me marmar LOL by seeing the tittle my heart started beating fast 😨😨😱

  36. Craycray Nerverland

    “Mari Mar costeñita soy” ouch

  37. Belinda Coppin


  38. Jeanine Vasquez

    You got me on this one, Sal! 🤣 everything was on point and I busted out laughing when you mentioned telenovelas cos the person in my life IS a telenovela! He had even said so himself!

  39. Murra Miller

    Lol i have to give them consideration because they are trying to save people. Lol im trying to save peoples heartache lol this is def my type of communication and sarcasm lol trying to remain patient

  40. Krushna Kumari

    Absolutely correct! Cancer is just coming in and going out. So got tired!

  41. itsdarkbe4dawn

    #freereading I need it.. I'm a cancer lol

  42. Murra Miller

    Messed up thing is i am yes still very much in love with him. I miss him. And just want us as a family together. Im numb yes though.

  43. Dance In Dark

    You were looking so cute while waiting when police arrive

  44. Siempre Mina

    Is that how you learn your Spanish? I love it! #SalAprendioEspañolViendoMariMar

  45. Ericka Gemal

    Damn Sal. You’re always on point! PS. That numb part, I literally actually said that to my person like earlier. Even at first I said I felt unloved then numb but whoa. You really can read Sal 😅 I have been nodding my head here

  46. Edilma Ponce


  47. shivansh sharma

    I love the Ganesha sitting by.

  48. Pratha Mishra

    Old reading…🤪

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