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  1. Tina Koelsch

    Yes Cancers! Bring on the new romance! Been single soooo long I wont know how to act! Thank you for a positive reading!

  2. Moon_03 Cain


  3. Sarah me

    Nico growing whiskers 🐱 Nice 👏👏 💕💕

  4. Ana Mansfield

    What a surprising and generous gift you’ve bestowed upon us! Thank you Nico! 🙏🏻

  5. Andi Moroso

    Loved this reading!! Looking forward to all of the possibilities 🙌🏻 and wishing you a fabulous holiday season 🎄 Thank you for all you do!

  6. Linn Pierce

    You rock!

  7. Creepy Kittah

    Thank u Nico! Excited about the future! Cancer moon here🌙🌟

  8. Siobhan Smith

    Thank you so much – what a lovely treat! ♡

  9. Light !

    Thank you x

  10. Ggg

    We love you Nico !!!!!! Wishing you an amazing 2020

  11. Veronique

    Thank you Nico!

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