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  1. Edward Scott Mykietyn

    Fabulous reading. Thank you Taria. It is difficult to let go of the past. I have tried forgiving, I have tried replacing those images and thoughts with positive, happy ones, still the past comes hauntingly back. It is work and thankfully, Taria you are here guiding. God Bless

  2. Mayra Morales

    I am open to receive from the universe thank you so much . blessing

  3. Julie Braunschweig

    You have a really level head on your shoulders at this time….which is AMAZING! (Hey its been know to happen, Haha…) that's too funny!

  4. Nicola Campbell

    Nice reading

  5. 4yellowrose

    Love the deck. I’m having faith.

  6. chitra wickram

    Thank you very much for the encouraging reading.

  7. Rene' Placek

    Taria, I love your readings so much. This one is perfect in every way! Monday I'm meeting with
    moms estate atty to get the deed to my house. Made deal will 2 greedy sisters. Been horrible since Mar.2018. I'm feeling so blessed and moving on with my life ,on my own.

  8. Frank Martinez

    Thank you…your readings are spot on in my situation…Your so gifted…

  9. Kathleen McCallum

    Thank you. Feeling at peace and moving forward on a happy path. So glad to let go of the past and go forward with new beginnings. Bless your heart..

  10. Helen J. Goh

    Thank u so much🌹💰🌟🕊️🤲🏾Bless You Always!

  11. Rachel Jean-Baptiste Bryant

    Mahalo nui loa!!!

  12. Rob Madera

    Every words you had said that's me beautiful reading God bless you 💞💝💗💖💕🎇✨🎆🙏

  13. Rob Madera

    I am open to receive from the universe thank you thank you thank you 💞💝💗💖💕💜💓❤💘💟💙💚💛🎇✨🎆🙏

  14. Rob Madera

    I send lot's of love from me to the universe and my beautiful angels I love you God with all my heart and soul thank you thank you thank you 💞💝💗💖💕💜💓❤💘💟💙💚💛🎇✨🎆🙏

  15. Rob Madera

    You are reading my life thank you so much God bless you💖🙏

  16. Rob Madera

    It related to me thank you very much God bless you 💖🙏

  17. Rob Madera

    Thank you for the message God bless you and your family💖🙏

  18. nee Nee

    Thank you so much…. very accurate ♋️

  19. Mompreneur Mentor

    I’ve had so many synchronization and spirit guiding me and instant manifestation recently

  20. Erminia Gomez

    Good luck in your new journey

  21. Samantha Jordan

    Thank you for the reading! You truly are a divine soul! Your support and belief give me confidence in my journey. I hope you feel better and take some time for yourself!❤💖🦀

  22. Barbie Howard

    Awesome messages 💛🌟🙅👑♋🙌 Thankyou so much 💟🌈💒 I love Halloween 😁👻👹👺💀

  23. Meg Barbi

    you sure are gifted! I was shocked when you mentioned 33. that number has been popping up for me for the last few months. thank you for that guidance, as I looked the meaning up. I did just receive a payraise/promotion too. thank you so very much

  24. Deborah Thiel

    Amazing accuracy!!!

  25. mia Williams

    Im in tears in my spirit.😭😭😭😭 your so very gifted.you spoke devine truth.thank you so very much .i am truly greatful for your insight.please pray for me as i step into this new chapter of moving and relocating .may the higher power continue to bless you in a wonderful way.😮😮😮🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖

  26. feliciamayes mayes

    Awsome reading….and I'm ready…been ready….I am finally free to move as needed and the way I need to….if love comes then fine but I not looking for it…This girl just wanna have some fun…I'm so focused right now it's amazing….and this natural high I got is the bomb shit

  27. John McDonald

    🎃 With grace and gratitude, I say thank you Taria, a lovely inspirational reading.  Love, peace and blessings to you 🎃

  28. Chris Travis

    Thank you for your support and guidance! You'll never know how much hope and support you've given to me! Blessings and peace to you! 😘

  29. Linda Clarkson

    Lovely read thank you Taria 🙏💞🍃🌻🦋

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