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  1. Lea Dreams

    Yes I’m trying to ignore him but he won’t stop texting me everyday…trying to get my attention. He’s betrayed the relationship few weeks ago and then again 1 week ago talking to people he shouldn’t….I’m don’t investing time on a non-committal guy…6 years wasted time… never dated only few months but I guess we’ll never know cos I’m closing the door…

  2. Susie Lee

    He hooked up with some woman on a dating website and went on a trip to Columbia with her. When my gut feelings told me he's been hiding something I called him out on it. He kept denying it but calls and texts were coming in while we were together. He guarded his phone very close to himself from then on and even ended up putting it on silence. I didn't need any more evidence because I trusted my gut feelings so I left him and refused to see him while he tried to reach out to me three times after I left him. Finally he admitted what he did when I accidentally ran into him. but still won't offer any explanation or apology. I am determined to stick with my decision to end it for good because I have had enough of his lies and BS. I know I deserve better because Cancer women are the most caring, sincere and compassionate being on this planet so we should be with men with the same virtues. I changed the lock on my heart and he will never be able to get back in ever again! Thanks for your most accurate reading. Everything is exactly like what you described. Truly Amazing!

  3. wayne shafton

    Damn… You nailed it. 👌

  4. Syed Mansoor

    baby when you be maine

  5. Syed Mansoor

    wife your looking lovely
    like to kiss and kiss to you ware like this dress every time

  6. Lexi Mohamed

    OMG manna is 1 of my favorite wish her all the blessings and guidance I to come back to guide us

  7. Tracy Ratelle

    Hi there darling, it has been a while since I seen your video's. 🙂

  8. Soundhealer

    Thank you.

  9. Lizzalizzette Alexander

    The reading was great! I can’t no longer deal with past luvs 🙄…there in the back’ for a reason! There’s no reconciliation! NONE 😃…I’m committed to falling’ continuously ‘ in love 🥰 with MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    THANK YOU 🙏🏾

  10. Yen G

    Mana is great , hope she recovers soon

  11. Totally Me

    Too little too late. Good Reading.

  12. Ale Cer

    Breaking free from a twins energy and you are right to say its very difficult. Can't hold onto an apparition. You don't take back a coward that ran off because things were difficult and comes back when hd says so. Shit on that!

  13. free spirit

    you are reading my story with sagittarius. he ghosted me and left me in the cold but i gained back my power, i know he will never change because he was born a player simply

  14. free spirit

    you look great, thank u for the reading 😍♥

  15. Diego Torres

    You look so beautiful in this video. Omg i want to hug you kiss you and smell you. Thank you for the reading, God bless you

  16. moonlady1969

    💯 Spot on. All done being ghosted by Mr. no talk Aries. Three and a half years of this back and forth BS, with promises of change. If you have to ghost someone because you can’t and won’t communicate like an adult… 👋🏼

  17. Annusha Gurung

    Yes..I love ur readings but also missing Manna…hope she gets well soon..

  18. Nelly Jae

    I’m hurting so much and this was so helpful seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart I needed this clarification

  19. pretty selected

    MANNA is crazy😂😂 she needs to open her comment section lol. I trust that She'll be okay cause she's strong AF

  20. Chritina Kot

    i turned down all the social media ….i disappeared……today i put out my car from the garage …..if he is going to pass out of my house to believe that i have new boyfriend …. he is a cheater .. a lier…

  21. Chritina Kot

    4 years now im tired to give chances, he doesn't love me now i know , but now i feel that my life is over i am 42 i have depression i need medicines … lies deception …from 23 september i discover other lies…he is pieces im cancer…is my first time that im feeling that i ant to move on he doesn't worth my love ..im tired to walk away and he is coming back to be with me , the only think he wants is to have the communication just to feel alright with himself

  22. Sylvie MEYNIER

    Your dear cancerian is the devil and did to me everything you attribute to the other. My person is a cancerian. He practises the in and out behaviorisme, believes I will be always there. He comes to get what he wants and disappear… lot of pain for me. Everything you said on this reading is true, but if we switch the energies, it's totally amazing !

  23. Andres Alvarez

    Love Adalina Bonn!
    And Jasmyne In July!

  24. Andres Alvarez

    Love you querida hermosa divina.
    It's nice to know there's still many stunning women like you on this wretched godforsaken planet.

  25. peacock spirit

    Amazing reader!

  26. Yamamoto JTGL000222

    I watched Manna as well. Hope she is well enough to come back in 2020. All the best Manna you will do good. One of my kins had the same and she is doing well n good for the past 3 years n is good n well till today.

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