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  1. Sue Stephens

    I only pray this is for me

  2. Ayshea Richards

    me and my ex he left me 6 months ago . for a rebound i think hes starting to wake up . i am stil waiting for him . he doesnt want to talk to me on the phone . i hope your right . i know theres twin flame . we saw on whatsapp a few weeks ago . it was weird we saw eachothers soul .

  3. L C

    Wow I love ur reading's 😍

  4. LatinaSweden1975

    AMAZING reading💓 A past ♒ had taken a leap of faith after 15 years of separation. He's being doing him and so did I . We have right now connection and going to meet after all this time.
    Miracles do happen🙏

    My Angels, spirits and The Almighty are with me.
    Blessings 💓💞🙏

  5. Sonia Morell

    Resonates cancer taurus my jr high school sweetheart. We are finally getting together after so many yrs. I was 14 now im 52 and he's 51 i still get butterflies in my stomach and we are getting married my sweetheart

  6. beverly burkett

    We both are cancers❤
    He thinks I freaked out

  7. Michelle Burnett

    When is the new moon

  8. rita wix

    OMG – from ur lips to God's ears Thank u so much for the reading & the good vibes!

  9. Lucía Jiménez

    I've been hearing other tarot's readings and the only one that gives me some kind of heart warm it's yours Illume; yes, everything started super fine and then, from nowhere came this silence treatment. And yes, its been heartaching. Then, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this message I'll keep the positive dreams and visualisations. 🤗❤☺❤

  10. Naki Alaiyo

    Amazing!!!! Spot on! I’m getting excited!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉❤️ Thank you so much! 💜🙏🏾💜

  11. Tesh Hemopo

    I’m a cancer. My ex is Pisces don’t want him back 😂 now dealing with slowly with a Gemini he is amazing. We are in separation cause we live distance from eachother but we are in contact all the time,

  12. Lizy Lolo

    Wow this reading sounds promising resonates for me some what guess time will tell thank you blessings to you.//

  13. Baby K knows the way

    Resonated 110% 😳

  14. Sunny Magnuson

    I didn't know this was going to be a love reading.

  15. Susan Allan

    Expecting a miracle, we are both Cancer 💜

  16. Quyen Tran Acupuncture

    Wow, wow, wow an awesome reading, thank you so much, I hope it comes true. You are amazing 😉 😘🙏

  17. veronica kiyoko

    Thank you, you were on point about my reading and Where one door closes another one opens

  18. Raymalene Billetdeaux

    Cancer with Leo and Aries in my chart

  19. Belleza

    Dream Come True ♥️ Cancer ♋️ and Sagittarius ♐️Thank you 🙏🏻

  20. Nicole Alizio

    My ex is pisces I’m cancer me and my ex did have separated for 6 months he recently just reached out & told me he wanted another chance with me. He only stayed in contact for 1 week & that’s it. He’s gone no explanation or anything. I did try to call him he didn’t answer me.

  21. Wayne Wright

    We have never dated and she has a third party when I tried to give her my intentions left sobbing and ghosted so no contact since July 18 and my efforts to contact on Linkdin are futile.
    Our relationship was divinely orchestrated with synchronicity starting with 11:11 then lights turned green as I approched hrr direction, songs with our current situation playing on radio as I entered the room.
    She was my gift for great work in my Lightworker duties.

  22. HaloJay222 222

    This resonates 100%

  23. knowless tobehappy

    thank you so much

  24. free spirit

    waiting my sagittarius ♥😍♥

  25. Sharlah S.R.B

    Thank you very nice reading this is happening to me right now and everything you mentioned is true

  26. raymond 14

    Still waiting on Virgo…3 1/2 months… twin flame soul mate connection no doubt…. she is married but not happy I believe…. will not contact her until she starts divorce…not messing with a MARRIED woman(bad karma)….tired of waiting, can't wait forever….I miss her…. Thanks for great reading.

  27. Jorge Oppenheimer

    Amazing, is like listening my situation from outside my mind, i am cancer and my couple is aries with ascendant leo, she freaked out 2 weeks ago and left me in the cold and no communication at all,

  28. Neha J

    I hope my Taurus come back ! No communication from past 5 months

  29. CarleyahG

    Scorpio cross-watcher… I hope so, So close to my reading as a Scorpio as well… He freaked out.. All I wanted him to do is take a risk..

  30. Laura Morales

    WOW!😍 Amazing Reading! Totally resonates from beginning to end exactly! I’m patiently waiting on my Leo to come back! Thank you! 🥰👫🙏

  31. whyme6911

    Thank you

  32. Kiah K

    Is Messenger if Earth Knight of Pentacles or an Earth sign – Taurus?

  33. Jo-1111

    Wow my ex ran – he’d been bad possible 3rd party. No communication broke my heart

  34. RR Fleur

    I’ve found my match ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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