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  1. Jenny Box

    My husband apologised a few days ago but I just feel it's not real he never changes that's the issue always the same which doesn't make me happy at all I need complete change now he's a Libra

  2. Helen J. Goh

    P E A C E ! thank you !

  3. Steve Rehling

    Soulmate needed a break from our relationship. Now, she knows how badly she screwed up. Moving on from her insecurities and drama.

  4. Tracie Harrison

    Disconnected w/a Taurus. However I want a reconciliation. But it has to be balance and clear.
    Resonated 💯

  5. Jesie Paterson

    Thank you so much for all you doing for me and all thanks 🙏 you are spot on ☯️👌🦋👀✌️🤞🇦🇺🍀🌈🙏💞

  6. anartsil63

    There's nothing he can say know. He did everything he shouldn't. He hearted me too much in past and ressent past. There's nothing he can do to change it. Grateful for the reading 💜💜💜

  7. David Burkes

    You surely feel whats going on, its amazing how you can pick up on it with the spirits. Myself Cancer, her sag, I just hope your right. I am trying to manefest yes, but the third party is her mom, thanks

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