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  1. Prototype 176708

    💕 the nails

  2. Virginia Larstone

    Wonderful reading, keeping my focus on the positive 💝

  3. Mark Anthony

    Interesting. The Government have just paid my back money they were underpaying in my disability money for the last 5 years. On Tuesday (20th November) I went to the bank and found an extra £6,000 ($7,500) in my account from the Government.

  4. sorellman

    Pray the answer, not the problem. Make manifest the answer you are looking for by envisioning it within your self, then let the universe react to that.

  5. Seep Gera

    Blessings to you too.. Resonates a lot in terms of work

  6. Kat M

    You are fantastic!! Always appreciate the clarity of the input you add to these readings. And I love the decks you use. Would love to know what decks you use for both initial reading and clarifiers. Thank you SO much for sharing your gifts with us!

  7. sally ketoyo

    Feel encouraged thank you

  8. Bob Byron

    A beautiful illuminated reading covering so many aspects-your readings always lift me and keep me on the path-with gratitude

  9. Mariam Essack

    Thank you for your message yes very positive thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. Riley Ogren

    Totally resonated! This is unreal! I just interviewed for a job I really want with a competitor company to my own and as I was listening to this reading my references started messaging me saying they were called about me! I’m just waiting to see if I’m given an offer! Wow thank you so much!

  11. Barbie Howard

    Wow !!! Sounds to good to be true 🍁🎑🍂👑💖💰 Thankyou for these messages 😇

  12. Victoria Smith

    Thank you My Dear

  13. Anna Petit

    I hope someone will design something specifically for me because they want me in their company that bad ! 🙂 I really do! 🙂

  14. Wendy Bass

    This year just paying out constantly. All my readings talk of abundance but it’s definitely passed me by. Terrible year

  15. K S

    Lmbo!!!😄 PLINKO!!!!!! I love it. Thank you.

  16. marilyn Agco

    Thank you for the positive reading. Hoping, waiting and praying for my new life of abundance, prosperity, good health, divine love, peace, happiness and success this month of Nov. Love and blessings! 💕😘🙌👍🎉🎇🎆🌼💮🍀

  17. Donna Beattie


  18. Claudette Harrison

    I been meeting men and chatting but don't want none of them they in up being a pervert,

  19. Sarah Sam

    Thanks for great reading I 💖💖💖💖💖

  20. Temple Technology

    Peace and light

  21. Brooklyn Rachel

    i just would like to thank you for this reading.

  22. Lily Whitemeadow

    How do I pray the answer not the problem.

  23. siennah's songs

    Nice reading. Thank you

  24. Michaela Meloni

    Yes good New for once

  25. exo's tempow

    I claim it! Thanks for this ❤

  26. Aleksandra Veble

    Wow. fantastic. Happy Thanksgiving.

  27. Nijera Corley

    You had me at Pray the answer not the problem. While listening to your reading I began to pray the answer something you said in the beginning of the read sparked a new light on me. I began to pray differently in that very moment. The answer not the problem…. & right after I finished my prayer you said pray the answer not the problem. 💞

  28. Sarah Rose

    I love your readings! I’ve shared your channel 💕⭐️ thank you cancer rising sag moon and libra sun

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