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  1. Yen G

    Great reading 🤩

  2. taehui Kim

    Thank you for raiding.

  3. Ras Timotheos

    Yes. I lost my daughter to stillbirth over the summer.. Went through a period of depression. Now Im good from that. Keeping to myself alot. Trying..Im a 2x grand champion in martial arts..and taking that to the next level at being a life coach teaching the science of law of attraction and mind powers. I just published my 20th book on mentalism and the such. I just started working a new job as well. Im working on getting my own place.. The book sales arent doing so well but I'm working on staying confident with that.. Thank you for this reading. Stay blessed!!

  4. Theresa Giannette

    Thank you and many blessings 🦀❤️🦀

  5. marilyn Agco

    Wow!!! Amazing reading 😍 Thank you God of the universe for giving me the wealth,prosperity, financial abundance,good health,loving and happy family, divine love,peace,happiness and success that i desire.Love, abundance and happiness be with you.🙋💕🎉🌟☀✨🍀

  6. Vera Mathieu

    Psychic Eileen, I am a june 20th Gemini born on a cusp. Will your reading apply to me?? I have been fighting my workers compensation lawsuit for years. Defense attorney smeared slandered and sabotaged me in court. The attorney manufactures false evidence against me and the court believed him. I filed Motion for Additional Evidence challenging the attorney to show proof of what he submitted to court. The court DENIED my request. I reached out to my state representatives and senators for help. I am praying my situation is reversed to my favor. I was exposed to toxic chemicals at work during construction for 3 1/2 years. I developed an occupational disease. My financial situation is non existent. Its been very hard. I hope your reading resonates with my situation. Thank you so much!!

  7. Rosario Jasminoy

    Thank you for your sweetness and encouragement as always Eileen. 💚💚💚

  8. pat masterson

    Only got to the second card and blown away. Signed a contract to sell my house yesterday and it is definitely in my favor! Need to keep listening:)

  9. A Castro

    ❤ thank you!!! I am practicing the law of attraction and believe in receive all good things that are coming to me from house to new career she was stable healthy fun love!

  10. Yolanda Serrano

    Amazing reading ….thank you ❤️

  11. shirl hegg

    Thank you much hope ❤️😇🥳

  12. Queen Rebe

    Thanks for the reading Eileen, this was great and on point 😘💐

  13. M N

    եհɑ ƙ վօմ ƒօɾ ҍҽɑմեíƒմӏ ɾҽɑժíղց🌹❤️

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