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  1. M Schmidt

    thank you!! ❤️💕

  2. Penny Hines

    ❤️⭐️✨💫🖖🏽thank you beloved

  3. Michael H

    Awesome reading, thank you so much ♥️

  4. Yen G

    Thanks for the insight💙🐘🧲🦅

  5. Tiina Smith

    Absolutely beautiful thank you so much you were on point I am a cancer so thank you so much. Xoxo💜

  6. Jennifer Brown

    I loved this reading. Thank you❤

  7. Jaamine Margerita

    You are Great!💞🙏 Thank you!

  8. Blue Butterfly

    Thank you ❤️🌸🧚🏼‍♀️

  9. Cindy Bann

    🥰💖Thank you sweet girl!🙏💝

  10. Richard Kaale


  11. cherrimay


  12. Rachel Jean-Baptiste Bryant


  13. Amanda Nichols


  14. Amanda Nichols

    This is literally what happened in August for me….. breakthrough or break down lol… trusting the universe 🤘

  15. Amy Myszko


  16. Carla Smith


  17. Burgy B

    Thank you so much Kayleigh! I resonate with all your readings and information you share. Many blessings 💓

  18. Peachy

    new sub! I really enjoy your energy, tone, and delivery. The bright ambiance gives you an ethereal look, love it! I'm a cancer, Taurus rising so aesthetics are important to me lmao

  19. Jay Selden


  20. A Castro

  21. Katrina Hughes

    Thankyou Kayleigh <3

  22. Marina Ruelas

    ❤…it's very helpful guidance and advice.

  23. Beck Clayton

    Where do you get your rings

  24. Joan Luciano


  25. Lentenhle


  26. Emely Del Rosario

    Thank YOU so much! Good messages and resonate to me. Keep blessed💖

  27. SuperLebar


  28. deana nightingale

    Yes, yes! Thank you!!

  29. Victor Manza


  30. Victor Manza

    Thank You 🙏🙏🌈🌈❤️❤️😘😘🍀🍀

  31. jasmin however

    Trust & relax…. yeees that feels like a perfect mantra for what's next💛💛💛 thank u!

  32. Delbert Piche

    July 2 here… thanks for the reading…. I am in the middle of a complete life transformation… your words helped

  33. Yvonne Mcneilly

    Thank you Kayleigh. Really enjoyed your reading. You are very talented x

  34. beauteebyzan

    when you started talking about someone that's thinking of leaving their job you were talking to me. I just wrote my resignation letter this morning, and i'm just sitting on it trying to convince myself to pull the trigger. I appreciate this message so much

  35. Mistu

    Wow, readings are earlier this month! ❤❤❤❤❤
    And I think I know what the cards are talking about. Wanting to go for a career change since forever. Now, I have come across certain ideas I want yo pursue😇😇😇


    It was a very very helpful reading. I can’t thank you enough.❣️


    I so appreciated your messages about trust and the universe and take the risks. Trust and relax. Thank you so much.💕

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