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  2. Gwen Delighted

    If don't apply, let if fly! Thanks I always on guard anyway's, Sal you said a mouthful! I don't trust everybody anyway's take it with a grain of salt! Cancer's protect yourself & our ancestor's & Angel's are w us.
    Thanks Sal.

  3. A

    That's crazy I was looking up somewhere to move right before I came here! 🤣❤️

  4. Jamaica Gold

    Im a Cancer Sun

  5. Aileen Bermas

    Thank you for this reading ..wow exactly what’s my plan to move on another state and find a new job and thanks for the warning 👍

  6. Jessel Lyle Lopez

    Born on June 21, 1984 and quite skeptical… am i a gemini or cancer zodiac sign? Thanks.

  7. Queen of Wands

    Cancer rising- I found his wife stalking my insta… her husband doesn't look anything like my DM. 😺🐟

  8. Milissa Mackenzie

    I always watch when a new reading you do for Cancer comes out,thank you so much for taking the time to do Cancers reading your amazing.

  9. Gisele Iwersen

    Wow, Sal!! It looks like it resonates a lot, unfortunately sneaky people around me!! Love from Brazil!

  10. serendipity believer

    i guess itz my tf m not relocating ever and foreigner man just becoz i need adventure guess no if itz really for me i will have it not just for fun sake.no body is stealing m sure not my family we are family ol the money is ours not mine only as for my ex who took lots of money for me i know I will have it back from him m lucky for him i know but this time i olready cut him off

  11. Heather R

    Sal, OMG! Talk about shady. I feel that there's something/someone. My bf, also a cancer, is acting strange. Shady is the word I had used. Wow!

  12. Kk

    Sal… this is exactly what is happening

  13. Siempre Mina

    Accurate 😭😭🧤💰🧤💰🧤😭😭

  14. Black Angel 89

    I just experience what Sal said here. I'm confused where should i go. Thanks Sal for the advice.. Love u Sal ❤️

  15. Nuel Bigail

    Heheheheheheheheheheheheheh. I love you Sal. Crosswatcher here

  16. Chrissy Mataira

    🤣🤣Hahaha omg Loved it !! The best reading everrrr…Thank you Sal…x

  17. Alexandra Parker

    Got a headache came to ur reading now my headache is gone my brain was yelling go watch sal haha 💕🥰

  18. Diane Horsman

    Cancer moon
    Ahhh. usually the reads are happy on some sign! Love you + thanks.

  19. free spirit

    yes iam thinking deeply about relocating and i will by the end of the year ☺️

  20. Naz Ali

    I’m a cross watcher, but I felt like you were talking to me. Don’t move. I want to leave the US haha

  21. Elaine Lloyd

    Thank you Sal ❤️.

  22. Red Vii

    Also Sir, it would be really thankful if you can help me or guide me in knowing the exact sign reading which I should look for. As you mentioned Vedic astrology and Western Astrology could you help me in knowing my exact Rising or Ascendant sign as well as the exact Moon sign. So I can go through those videos.

  23. Red Vii

    Many thanks for the reading, yes somewhere I very much feel to move on to some other country where I can pull myself back again to see the sunrise.

  24. shampa sazia

    Totally! All is well Sal… thank you!

  25. Heidi Regina

    That's funny as hell Sal!😂 "You didn't like the reading, well it feels the same about you. Its called a karmic cycle." Muahahaha!!!😇😈😇

  26. Prisca Moyesa


  27. KathyMP P

    I’m sorry Sal for being away recently but I missed you Sal. You’re always here and there for me and everyone. Cry or laugh, ur here. I don’t know what’s really next. I have to be awake again for my fear of the unknown. I don’t know.. But if something bad will happen, I cannot bear to have broken heart over and over and over again. My heart has been shattered many times. Yes I will start on a new job soon hopefully but I am regretting telling it to the two people I know who works there. I really don’t know what’s next ahead of me…… I don’t even have a single cent. I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know.. THANK YOU!!!

  28. Olivia Diaz

    I love your jokes😂

  29. Stephanie Jane

    😂😂😂 I love Sals balance of you know being serious but also being light hearted about it 👍

  30. Helen J. Goh

    Yes, lost funds thru investment – on 30 Sep. Should hv watched ur vid earlier. Thank u🌹🤲🏾🕊️

  31. Emz Victorino

    Bangus!!!! Lol

  32. BraveHonest&Beautiful

    I know exactly who stealing my money bills rent… 😂😂😂😂

  33. Kar H

    Why is hilda giving you some plant 😭😭😭

  34. Kar H

    Howwwwww do you read my mind like this🤔 Every. Single. Word. Like how??

  35. Esoterics Tarot

    I love the way you read, Sal. <3

  36. delafruze

    love your read..thanks it helps s lot…

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